Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yes!! I have signed up yoga class with Linda yesterday at True Yoga. *excited* Heard a lot of people saying how good is yoga... bla bla bla... And here I go!! =D

This evening, I attended my very 1st yoga class in my life. It's not so fun, extremely tired for me. I was not able to do most of the steps. Guess because I don't exercise for ages. Serve it right? *blushed* At least I tried my best do all the steps as close as what teacher has taught.

Look at the picture, am I able to perform yoga as good as her? So pro right? *envy* Think it takes me few years time? Must be hardworking to go for more classes. Don't give up, elun! Jia you jia you!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


hohoho... merry Christmas to all!

hm... feeling gloomy, it's end of the year!

Had a office celebration yesterday, my group lost in all games... As a result, we had to clean up the conference room. Hehehe... but we did enjoy everything. It's fun! Too bad, no picture was taken on the day~ My camera is in the "clinic"! poor thing and also poor me. =(

Teng teng n her husband were here on Sunday, brought them walk walk in Orchad and had my favorite beef hor fun in Geylang! They were very rush, and went back the next day. I want more time with her!!

At night, me n bb went to Vivo for some walk. My dressing of the night ---> hehehe... hiao le le...

Nothing special for us this year. I only bought him a jeans today, n he gave me a little surprise. It's a secret. =P

Nice Christmas tree behind us...

naughty us! MerryXmas bb!!

Friday, December 21, 2007


WAH!! super long didn't blog anything liao! Christmas is coming!! I didnt buy any gift for anyone except a compulsary gift for office.
Have been researching for some part time courses. Think it's time to upgrade myself! Time for changing line? Is it a bit too late? hm... I don't know. I don't have a clear direction. I don't know wat I wanna go for. Im LOST!! Everything seems alright! Just that my mood is swinging... =(

Friday, November 30, 2007

Romania trip summary

Been at Romania from 19 Nov to 28 Nov. It was a tiring trip. We traveled a lot from a town to another one. We spend about 25 hours for the 1st day to Piatra Neamt. Then about 11 hours to Timisoara, another 11 hours to the last city we visited, Bucharest. It's longest journey I had ever traveled. The best things was--- I have seen the snow for the very first time in my life! Snow is damn nice, it's tasteless, just like plain water =D I love snowy mountains so much. Will try to plan for a snow mountain trip next year. *crossing fingers*

In Timisoara, the sales staffs there are not really friendly lo. A bit stuck up, felt like slapping on their face so much!! hehehe... The happiest moment was to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Banat. It's a huge church, built between 1936 and 1946. It looks like a castle which appeared in my dreams. Amazing! =D

We stayed at Bucharest for 2 nights, not enough le! The city is beautiful with those European architecture. The women are pretty, sexy too ;) Too bad, my camera was out of service at the very last day of the trip =( else, there will be more n more pictures. So no choice, I used my handphone to shoot photos. The quality is not bad though, when the lighting is good.

Oh ya, I didn't sleep well for all the nights. Super tired! I afraid to sleep alone ma, so kept waking up at the middle of the nights. I missed my bed so damn much! One more thing I can't not tahan was, the franchisee lady didn't provide us lunch at the last day! grrrr.rr.... Hungry you know?!! I don't like to eat bread or biscuits for my lunch lo. So as always, my mood was down when I'm hungry :(

hehehe... The rest of the things were fine lo =)

Here are some random photos of the trip, for the whole set of photos, you may go to this LINK.

the guy wearing red n beige stripe top was our driver. He met his cousin on the the way. We stopped for a hot chocolate...
Btw, can u see I'm the shortest one?! *sigh*

Church in Piatra Neamt. I forgot what's the name. It built for more than 500 years! It's dark inside the church.

Looks like model?! kekeke... Patrick and me...
Only able to dress up like this in Winter time. Too bad, Singapore and Malaysia do not have 4 seasons...

Snowy mountains! My dream land... It's like the scene I had watched when I was young in Salem advertisement!

Able to shoot few pictures. Happy but not enough, i want more more more!!

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Banat. I only seen those building in fairy tales books and movie. Now I have seen it for real! *yippie*

Everyone wrapped themselves with thick clothes. So stylo! How nice if we have 4 seasons! *envy*

Amazing architectures can be found everywhere in the town.

Another church? I don't know le.... hehehe... can't remember! =P

Wonderful sunset. It's about 5 pm only. The day is much shorter than ours.

Black spaghetti, looks like cacing

Me outside the hotel. Cold cold weather!

surprise when i'm home! =D

I'm back from Romania in a piece!! Went home with bb. I found it strange when our room was locked. Normally we just let the door open. Hehe... Don't know what's wrong with bb. Then I opened the door and i saw the wall was pasted with a words!


Besides, there are a few emoticon too! I was surprised while bb holding a flower and a lips towards me. Hehehe... How sweet he is! I was so touched... not to forget to give him a hug, a kiss of course. *blushed*

I lap u, bb ^-^

i'm touched... thanks bb ^-^

muakzzzz... kissing big lips... hehehe...

cute monkey is waiting for his bb... hm...

my loving bb

me and lips and flower... *sweet*

p/s:: will upload my Romania pic soon... =D

Friday, November 23, 2007

3rd day in Romania

It's only 9.30 in Romania, but 3.30 in Malaysia and Singapore. Everyone is sleeping! No one is online to chat with me =(

Am having a hot chocolate now! Walked around in hotel area just now. Manage to shoot some photos! =) It was raining just now, but not snowing.... too bad. Anyway, we might get to see snow mountain tomorrow.

1st day in Romania, we took 25 hours for only travel to this city, Piatra Neamt. Was damn tired!! but didn't sleep well in the hotel. I on all the lights n also TV while I'm sleeping. ALONE ma... Like what Janet said, my bb is not with me. So a bit not get used to it. I miss my bed so much!

Have been working today, knew a Romanian lady, Helen, she is very nice! Treated me mineral water and chocolate. Said I'm pretty, hehehe... =P And when we are walking around, everybody is looking at us like an alien. We don't see any Asian in the city also. We are UNIQUE! At the same time, we are having some difficulty communicating with the people here. Most of them don't speak English. We tried using our body language to communicate with them. And of course not to forget the international language ------> SMILE :)

Will update the blog again with some pictures perhaps.

p/s:: Before leaving Singapore, there is a embarrassing incident happened on me! It created a big dirty spot in my life! I don't call it experience~ It's a shame!! I tried not to think or recall how it happened. I was treated like a criminal!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!! Actually I don't mind disclose what was happening, but bb told me better not to tell anyone though i'm innocent... He has his point too. I will tell when the time is right. NOW, I only can PRAY hard for a better "result" Im SAD~~~

Monday, November 19, 2007

flying off tonight!

Wonder why recently like nothing to blog, no mood to blog as well.

Was "busy" packing my luggage for the Romania business trip. I still going for some last minutes shopping later. This is not the 1st time to travel oversea, but 1st time for me to sleep in the hotel ALONE!! And this time, I'm not going with Yen, I have to be very independent, I have to make sure I bring all the necessities with me, cause no one to share with me. All these are making me become a BIG gal. Luckily, there are some friends remind me what are the do and don't, what to bring. *Thanks guys!*

As usual, I'm a BIG head prawn, will forget this n that for sure! I did angry with myself for not bringing passport when travel back to Malaysia, then I have to come back and collect. But still, the incident happened for 2 times!! Not once... NO MORE THIRD TIME PLEASE!!

Another thing which is worried me is, I afraid I can't get use with the weather, it might drop to - degree! I can't imagine how cold it's. But then, I wish i get to see the SNOW for the 1st time in my life. *praying hard*

Ok la, am going out to run my errands. By the way, I still haven't decided to bring my laptop along. This is 1st time for it to be on plane. hehehe... hm.... To bring or not to bring?? Think again later bah!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Deepavali!!

Monday, November 05, 2007

Saturday, October 27, 2007

a change

Last few years....


Can u see the difference? The 1st change has been made! I cut my hair SHORT!! 1st time in these 8 years or more than 8 years. My hair is getting shorter n shorter. Think I'm addicted to cutting n changing my hair style. Have been perming, coloring my hair again n again. Now It's mine original hair color! *proud*

Next time a boy hair cut? Hm... don't know le... but I don't really think this hair is nice on me! :( but at least a CHANGE...

Friday, October 26, 2007


I have submitted my artworks for the FW08 selection. All my works are not being selected. Though, it’s just a few artworks. But still?? It's my effort. Super disappointed lo :’(

Last few days, I have discussed some important issue with someone. She said she will check it out for me. The only thing I can do is PRAY HARDER! Hopefully it will not turn into another disappointment. Who knows?

LIFE SUCKS, at least for NOW. My mood is up n down, badly affected!

I need a way out of here. I need some changes perhaps.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

bb+elun vs monkeys

Bb reminded me of this picture we taken few years back. hehehe... same pose!

post it WAR

Yesterday, went clubbing with Ade and Linda. Hm... wasn't really enough for me! =( hehehe... but still alright! reached home about 3a.m. EARLY SUPER!! =P

BB told me that there are new Post it updated in living room and kitchen!! I was so damn pissed!!! This is 2nd time lo. The very 1st time, I tried to do some soul searching, and try to keep the house clean. As I see, I don't think BIG dirtiness we made lo!!!!! Just that she sweep n mop the floor every weekend. I admitted that she is good and guai lo. I was being a bit lazy *sorry* but I did clean the kitchen, toilet, and bb did spray the WD40 oil on the toilet doors' gap from time to time lo! We even bought new bottle of oil when it's finished! We didn't really calculate or put a post it to remind them what to do. I think staying together, shouldn't be too calculative. If you have any dissatisfactions about us, do confront us!!! I HATE people just stick some post it and telling me what to do sarcastically!!! It is so damn childish.

This time, I do reply the post it message POLITELY! Also, I asked the whoever to confront me directly next time. Those small little thing can be discussed, solved. Now it's like playing games psychologically. *speechless* At the same time it leave us a scar in our heart! =( I hate these feeling!!! Meanwhile, I'm facing some political issue in office. I don't want when I reach my sweet home, there is another women "war" going on.
Think only women create all these "war". SIGH~~~

The next morning, the post it are removed. *happy* I did remove mine also la. SEE!!! I don't wish all these to happen lo. This is not what I want also. What to do? Can someone teach me? No wonder people always say 相处易,相住难! I hope all the unhappiness will be ended after removing of all the post it. hehehe... Perhaps, I'm the only one pissed off, I'm SMALL GAS! =P Actually my case is not big deal right?? hehehe... I don't wanna put it in my heart. I try to sake it out of my mind!! FORGET IT FORGET IT!!! peaceeeeeeeeeeee... =D
P/S:: we are all ok staying together now, don't gossip behind wo. =P Everything will be ended after this post!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

3rd baby of our family!

Last Saturday, I went JB to meet my brother. I was craving for Sushi King and Secret Recipe. So I had it both while waiting for him. Hehehe... so damn yummy!! I was a glutton!! *winks*

When I met him, he said he was able to buy train ticket to go back hometown. I was tempted to go home too!! So there we go, and we forced to sit in the train canteen due to bb n I were not able to get the tickets, but I enjoyed the whole journey as I miss my sweet home sooooo much! And then we got to rush back to Singapore the Sunday night. too rush right?! At least I spent time with my lovely family. =D *love love*

Here it go -----> our third baby in the family, 梓涵 (3 months old). He is so cute and adorable!! Thanks to my big sister, she is only 28 years old, having simple life. She has a loving hubby, 2 sons n a notty daughter. Just now, msn-ed with Moon, she asked, your sister gave birth AGAIN?! YES!! AGAIN! hehehe... POWER right?! She is those typical family woman, take care of the family. In short, she is the best sister in the world!! love her so so much! Although we are sisters, we are having different characters. I bullied her quite a lot when i was young. =P *notty notty* Maybe this is because of she born in goat year and i born in monkey year. *superstitious*

FYI, the third baby was an accident!! OPSS!! So i still trust DOM DOM the most!! kekeke... but still we are blessed to welcome him to our family!

p/s: I didn't bring camera home, that's why only took few pictures using bb's K800, else will be more pictures hehe...

my sister and her youngest baby, 梓涵

cute little baby!*muackzzz*

baby and me <3

he is kissing me? He loves me!! I want a baby too, a real baby... =P

Friday, October 12, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all!! too bad next Monday no public holiday for Singapore office =( Actually I can't feel much Raya mood in Singapore, so holiday or not is not real important. But it's better if there is a holiday la!! Can sleep and dream more ma...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

loving monkeys

Cute monkeys are sitting on a banana!! We bought them from an crafty shop in Bali. When me n bb first saw this pair of monkeys, we decided to get them home!! hehehe...

As I was born in Monkey year in lunar calendar, my family members love to call me MONKEY. I get used to it already =D My bb even call me MONKEY LUN! How dare him??!! hehehe... Again, they are so damn CUTE right? =P

Friday, September 28, 2007

a question

This afternoon during lunch, i asked my colleagues this funny question.

"Do all doctors in this world speak English?" their answers were like "hm... think so..." "should be" "maybe not, because Harry Potter also translated to many languages..." hehe... but what to do with Harry Potter le? *scratch head* What do you think le? YES? NO?

Because I think all the scientific and medical terms are in English. Isn't it? hehehe... maybe i'm too shallow =P

There is a reason behind the question. Back to the Bali trip, my bro's gf got allergic to Aspirin medicine. We were so worried and brought her to the nearby clinic. We told the doctor all the details and her reaction was like thinking carefully! Then we found that she actually didn't understand English. Her assistant was the one taking all the actions like providing her oxygen, giving her injection. OMG!! Who is the actual doctor man!? very funny right?? After all, the assistant wrote all the details, reports and let the doctor signed on it!! Of course, we had to pay the EXPENSIVE bill. *roll eyes*

So does all the doctors speak English? *wondering*

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

im back from Bali!

The Bali trip was fruitful, bali is really a very nice place to visit, i love it! First time oversea trip with family, and i'm the leader of coz. *winks* Hopefully next trip would have whole family involve! =P

We stayed at Inna Kuta beach resort. We went to Kintamani for Volcano scene, had romantic lunch there too; Ubud for some crafty stuff; Telaga River for rafting; Jimbaran for seafood dinner, Nusa Dua for parasailing, flyfish, banana boat and jetski, and bla bla bla... hardly recall all the places... *sotong* hehe... I had so many first time in Bali! Most importantly, I hope my bro n sis enjoyed the trip! =D Oh ya, we went for spa also, whole body is being 'touched' by the Balinese Aunty. *blushed*

Here are some random photos for the trip... wanna see more photos? u may go to this link some photos are with my bro.

2nd day in Bali, watching Balinese dance

Kintamani day tour, get to see volcano, it's still active! *scary*

My favorite shot, too bad, i wasn't inside =P

Telaga River white water rafting, we had so much fun!!

Tanah lot sunset view! the nicest sunset i had ever seen in my life!

Group photo in front of Tanah Lot temple! It also called sea temple as it surrounded by the sea.
After water sport!

My hair plaiting and manicure =D

5 of us at Kuta beach=)

Another group photo

before leaving the hotel... will be back one day =)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

bali, i'm coming!!

After researching n planning for months. the day has finally come!! YAY!! YAY!! one more day!! i will be flying to bali tomorrow. hehe... will start packing later. hm... I'm lazzzzy. And hor I will sure forget this or that when packing lo. SUPER BLUR!!

hehehe... i will be back with tons of photossss... stay tuned ya... =P

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


最近看见很多大腹便便的孕妇走在街上,公司里就有好几位新妈妈了,这个世界又多了很多猪宝宝 :)

曾经,我也有过生个金猪宝宝的冲动。嘻嘻。。。 只是想想而已,但如果真的那么不小心,我会考虑把他给生下来。接下来的日子我就得牺牲很多很多,来给他一个好的环境长大。 嘻嘻。。。 我又想太多了!谈何容易!可我真得很喜欢小孩子,看着姐姐的孩子们一天一天的长大,好羡慕!但我还没有当妈妈的条件,因为我还是一个长不大的孩子!*虽然年龄已不小了* =P

如果你现在问我想不想有个宝宝?我的答案是不!!虽然宝宝都很可爱,但我还有很多梦想还没完成呢!有时候也搞不清楚自己要的是什么,一时想要这样, 一时又想那样!在不同的阶段就有不同的想法,是我太善变了吗?还是人生本来就是这样的呢? 我也不知道!但是我已不小了,再这样下去我的人生岂不是就这样白白的过了吗?烦啊!

Friday, September 07, 2007

my S500i

hey hey hey, I have got myself a new handphone, S500i!! U might ask AGAIN?? ya!! again!! keke... I sold the Nokia 6300 to my sister at rugi price last month. I love the handphone actually but because of some personal issue then i get rid of it! =D

Hm... I don't know whether i really like it o not le. It costs me another SGD 400 + SGD 40 1G memory card. My heart is bleeding again =(

From now on, I must really do some saving!! Can't anyhow spend!! MUST think before spending. I wish I can really control myself!. SAVE IT FOR MY DREAM!! =D

Monday, September 03, 2007

elooon's eshop

Money money come!! I want more and more Money!! hehehe... Who doesn't like $$$$$$ right?! Have been thinking ways to get more money. Getting a part time job perhaps.

Today I have a sudden idea ----> sell things online!! So I dig out my "collection" kekeke... I heard bb said anything can sell online!! So why not give it a try? *winks*

Below are my selling stocks, a snake, watering pot from ikea, and a burning aroma therapy set.
Publish PostI have yet to decide how much should I sell le. Any ideas??

Saturday, September 01, 2007

SPENT again!!

Have been thinking of changing new brand of facial kit. As for previous, I used mixed brand (Neutrogena, Simple, Clinique, Avene) of products. I always dream for having bright skin as my skin is dull. I tried asking friends around me what products is good. And Janet told me Dermalogica is good and I ever used the products few years back. It was fine for my skin but I stopped using because it costs a bomb!!

hm.... after considering for few days, I went Centre Point for skin analysis. The result I got was, my skin is dull, uneven skin tone and DEHYDRATED. So she started recommending me those products which suits me and bla bla bla... Wah kaozzz... Almost 800++ SGD if i took all the recommended products. Then I was like very indecisive! It's very EXPENSIVE lo!! Ended up I got products as below, ultracalming cleanser, soothing protection spray, skin smoothing cream, daily micro-exfoliate, skin hydrating booster and hydrating masque. It cost me 555++ SGD!!! *fainted* The story isn't end that way, I went to JB for some facial. I have tried JeanYip, n another shop. Was ok. Then today I tried Lydia, they are using Dermalogica products. So I gave it a try!! After the facial, I'm satisfied with the result and the service. So I signed on a package, RM 1044 for 6 facial... What's making me heartache is the products in JB is cheaper than Singapore!!! *kill me please!!*

Haiz... I spend so much!! Hopefully it really works, so that I have brighter skin!! =D

a little gift

Yesterday morning when I stepped in my office. There was this small pack of Strepsils on my table. I know it's from Linda, she knows I have sore throat since last week. And I think she for sure knows that I wouldn't go get the Strepsils as she advised. Hehehe... So understand me =D She is so sweeeeett!! =D *touched le* Thank you my baobei!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

hui's convocation

Stay at home alone, took 2 days mc, keep coughing till my heart is pain now. *haiz...* Rained heavily just now, was frighten by those thunder! *coward*
I met teng teng and my sisters last Saturday, lucky my bro lend me the car. *cool* so I can travel here and there easily =D Went shopping at Mid Valley with them and eat eat eat. Wanted to visit ah moon one, but really no enough time. *sorry ya*
At nitgh, elun + bb, Joyce + Daniel, Bredley + Adrian, Regene + (?) forgot the name, went clubing at Poppy. hehe... enjoy enjoy! As usual, this Joyce is ganas, Bredly is "womanly", Regene is pretty, and i'm the shortest!! *sian*
Whenever I go back KL, this bb for sure will make me real ANGRY!! Usually, i will tell him when to call me and wait for me. Ended up, he will make me WAIT and give me tons of reasons... *haiz... SUPER pissed*
Sunday, Jie fu drove my family to KL to attend ehui's convocation. The weather was real HOT, wait for her at KLCC for hours. Almost fainted... kekeke...
Here are some photos to share...

Thoo and Zhi Jun were playing at KLCC near the fountain.

my lovely Jiejie and I, she is "xing fu" lo, having 3 kids and a caring husband. *envy*

hoon hoon, elun & jie jie

Bought flowers for ehui, before giving to her, we caught quite a lot of shot using the flowers. kekeke... make full use of the flowers ma...

wow... see zhi jun so concentrate playing games using bb's handphone.

there you go, finally ehui is out!! 4 flowers of the family...

love this picture! all looks nice =)

my lovely family, love you all!!

big group photo, taken by a gal =D