Wednesday, August 30, 2006

last week

Monday: went to the "Fundamental of visual merchandising course" alone with new "stupid hair" *hahaha...* Without knowing anyone there. Just simply pick a seat. The teacher was quite boring :P *sorry-ya teacher* knew each other from different companies. My group member contents 2 lecturers, 2 merchandiser from popular n ELUN lo. There were presentations, group projects.

Tuesday: met new colleagues, pretty gals from Malaysia n a "handsome" guy wo.

Wednesday&Thursday: nothing much special in office, get all the routine work done. Friday: 2nd day of course, okok lo.

Saturday: met my bro, went to Singapore science center with him my thoo. *can't believe i'm going to such "healthy" place. hehe...* shot some nice nice photoes. Haiya... some photoes with my bro. will be updated next time, couldn't catch him online these few days. See mine 1st la ya...

magic!! magic!! 2 in 1...

3 of us, kok yu, me n thoo

watching tv??!! the wall painting is very the nice... :)

my small hand...

WAH~~ explosion!!! frighten me a lot!!! luckily got the shot :D

big head elooon... what is thoo doing behind me leee??!!

don't act cool, "siu peng meh??!!!"

us in jungle... looks like aunty eeeh... :(

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

new ME

My new hair style. CUTE ma??!! hm... donno le... don feel quite right with this hair style leee, still prefer my original straight hair, kena brain washed when sitting at the salon, everything also ok, spend me RM500!!! hightlight, dye, treatment, perm n cut. don't know worth it or not her. Previously find my long hair boring, now feel like straighten it back pulak! Haizzzzz... a bit regret now :( *ini tak suka, itu pun tak suka, apa u mahu leee??!!!*
Chik chik chak chak... non stop taking pix, for my new hair. hehe...

Thursday, August 10, 2006


testing testing

Friday, August 04, 2006

philippine photoess

Wah lau.. damn lazy elooon!! I only touch up the photoes recently, it took me 2 months ++. And now a lot of photoes awaiting me to do some touch up n pasting. I don like just to post my photo directly from the original photo *fusssy betul!!!* ... unless it's super meaningful n nice lo... so u have to be more hardworking la!!!
Westin hotel at Manila, Philippine. The breakfast were nice!! but the room is so so nia lo...
The scenery beside Mall of Asia, Manila. Beutihooo view especially sunset. I love!!!

JOKE of the day Why the joke which made me laugh madly but it unable to let the rest laugh le. hm... *wonder why* I do tell this joke to my collegue but they find it just another "cold joke"

Whatever la... Let me write it here, see whether this joke can make you laugh or not... *give some face la ya*

One day, cat is chasing a little mouse. No matter how hard he try, he still not able to catch the mouse... can you tell me WHY??

The answer issssssss... the mouse is riding bike ma... but the cat is running, of course bike is faster lo *hahahahahahaha....* :D

OK, if it doesn't make you laugh... continue with this second question...

When the mouse hide himself in a fridge, why this cat knows that he is hiding inside the fridge leee??!!...

Answer is ????????

Don't know?????????

Answer is.... this mouse is a "lui ping", he parked his bike outside the fridge ma... so the cat of course know that he is inside la... *hahahahaha...*

I keep imagining the scenery when I'm telling this joke, so normally i'm the one who is laughing. *siao* BUT don't you find it FUNNY? Hopefully you don't find it too "cold" *hehehehehe....*

Wednesday, August 02, 2006