Thursday, December 27, 2007


Yes!! I have signed up yoga class with Linda yesterday at True Yoga. *excited* Heard a lot of people saying how good is yoga... bla bla bla... And here I go!! =D

This evening, I attended my very 1st yoga class in my life. It's not so fun, extremely tired for me. I was not able to do most of the steps. Guess because I don't exercise for ages. Serve it right? *blushed* At least I tried my best do all the steps as close as what teacher has taught.

Look at the picture, am I able to perform yoga as good as her? So pro right? *envy* Think it takes me few years time? Must be hardworking to go for more classes. Don't give up, elun! Jia you jia you!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007


hohoho... merry Christmas to all!

hm... feeling gloomy, it's end of the year!

Had a office celebration yesterday, my group lost in all games... As a result, we had to clean up the conference room. Hehehe... but we did enjoy everything. It's fun! Too bad, no picture was taken on the day~ My camera is in the "clinic"! poor thing and also poor me. =(

Teng teng n her husband were here on Sunday, brought them walk walk in Orchad and had my favorite beef hor fun in Geylang! They were very rush, and went back the next day. I want more time with her!!

At night, me n bb went to Vivo for some walk. My dressing of the night ---> hehehe... hiao le le...

Nothing special for us this year. I only bought him a jeans today, n he gave me a little surprise. It's a secret. =P

Nice Christmas tree behind us...

naughty us! MerryXmas bb!!

Friday, December 21, 2007


WAH!! super long didn't blog anything liao! Christmas is coming!! I didnt buy any gift for anyone except a compulsary gift for office.
Have been researching for some part time courses. Think it's time to upgrade myself! Time for changing line? Is it a bit too late? hm... I don't know. I don't have a clear direction. I don't know wat I wanna go for. Im LOST!! Everything seems alright! Just that my mood is swinging... =(