Friday, June 30, 2006

haPPy BABA's day =D

hiya... recently so busy n lazy to blog le... *wat happen le?!!* nothing to blog?? got kua i think. Even this teng teng is posting more than I do.
Balik kampung last weekend. time fliessss... weekend is coming again!!! i love balik kampung especially all my "hing dai ji mui" (sis n bro) are all back. We can enjoy together.. chit chit chat chat. so happy!!! and most important is to c my little prince n pricess. then we celebrated the father's day n my baba's bday together. delayed by me coz i didnt want take the risk to go back hometown after eye operation.
We had steamboat at my house *too bad, no photo* my uncle, untie, cousins, all gather at our house to have the super nice steamboat and talk talk this n that. the steamboat were prepared by jie jie n mama. my main responsibility is EAT!!! *hehe...* met up my fren ah moon also lo... she said "i prefer u wearing spec" =( yam cha with her n her bro n my sis...
Yaya... saw the words on the cake?? written by ELUN le *grin* not bad la horrr??!!!

Saturday, June 17, 2006

my new home

Actually it's not mine la... coz rented unit ma. Hehe... but hor, i love this house so muc le... u c... so homely le... the most important thing is there is no OWNER!!! *finnally* n i got new housemates. my hometown friend JC n her sis Fenny. What a coincident!! they kena halau by the owner n i hate my previous house coz it's like a store room. no space for us. that's y we decided to move out. Next time, my family n friends can come stay over night my house anytime lo... FOC one la... =D this is wat i want the MOST!! Though, quite lot of bad things happen while moving in but all are solved i think. just left some minor one.
our room. hehe... =)
living room. not really big la but we can walk in n out anytime.

Monday, June 12, 2006

TA.. TA!!!!! my eyes without spec!! any comment?? *except small la*
Now hor!! my eyes is killing me!! super duper dry. Is it because of facing pc?? i don't know. N just now went to the store, mood was damn bad coz the dust all over the store. I'm worried about my eyes. thinking whether to have one day urgent leave tomorrow so that i can avoid the dust. HOW HOW HOW!!
my eyes is so small right??!! i was trying to make it bigger at home using eyelid tape. Mana tau i wasted 15 pairs of it!! None of it success becos i donno how to apply it. sometimes too fake la, sometimes imbalance la, sometimes this la n sometimes that la. So sad hor =P
Any other technique to enhance it??? SURGERY LO!!! hehe.. tak mau la.. takut-nya..

Saturday, June 10, 2006

our drawing =D

Super free at home. Just came back from Suntec for the mysterious shopper. Then come back to home because my eyes was super dry when there are exposed outthere. *san fu le* so we decided to come back home. Nothing to do pulak..................
Oh ya!! I got an idea!! we can draw, ask thoo to draw coz his previous drawing not bad. Guess who drew the THOO, who drew the ELUN??!! can be easily guess right. hehehe... tell u wat, he drew me!! and of coz i was the one drawing him lo *much nicer hor!! =P i'm not wasting money to study u know?!?!*

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

after surgery

DAMN!!! y couldn't i upload my other 2 pix here!!!! haizzzz... i'm giving up!!! totally pissed!!! i have been trying to upload these few days... =(
5th June, I did eye laser surgery at the lasik surgery clinic. It costs me SGD 2906. i was so nervous becoz i was all alone from checking to operation. but thoo fetch me back after the operation. Now my vision is not really clear yet but i can type without spec. hehehe.... *happy-nya* but hor, i afraid that i have to go thru the enhancement surgery again. so scare!!! but if really there is still power in my eyes. i think i go for it since i have been going thru all this.
My eyes now is super duper dry, so sien one le. I wonder when all this side effects will be gone!!.. hopefully real fast lo. Am i too "chong dong" to do such decision?? I donno. coz i'm not pretty when i'm not wearing spec le. haizzzzz.... becos ppl get used to c me wearing spec ma. even myself have to take time to adapt to my new look. hehehe....
my "ka chang" after the eye laser surgery. To protet my eyes while healing.
1. tape and eye shields: wear eye shields over the eyes for the 1st 3 days while sleeping.
2. Tobradex Suspension 5ml - 1 bott: Drop 1 drop/s every hourly for the 1st day; Apply 4 times a day 2nd day onwards
3. Refresh Plus (Lubricant Eyes Drops): Use it as often as possible to avoild dryness & irritation.
4. Lid-Care Sterile wipes: to clean eye area, because i'm not allowed to wash my face with water dirrectly for 3 days after surgery.
5. Paper bag: provided by the Clinic with all the barang inside.

Going to see doctor. waiting for my baby to fetch me there. Have to wear glasses to protect my eyes from sun. *raining actually, don't have to wear i think. hehehe....*

Friday, June 02, 2006

no title

sitting on my chair, my mind is blank, feel like doing nothing. Scroll up n down in the MSN list. No one to chat. hmmm... HOW le?? if let boss i'm like that, SIAO LIAO. Appraisal surely be scracthed =( Most probably last month, i was too busy with this n that. This month i just wanna let things go slower. *excuses??!!!*

I can't let myself being dilly dally. I think i need a break, a short one perhaps. But where to get all the $$$. I will be spending 3k plus for my eye lasik thingy. I save this $$$ over 2 years working life. *sob... sob...*

Tomorrow, tomorrow i will know whether i'm qualified for the operation or not. I'm so worried that I'm not. I wanna go travel. This spec troubled me all the while. I couldn't c clearly when i'm snorkeling. I couldn't c clearly when i was on the flying coaster. I couldn't...

U might ask, why not u wear contact lense?? Yes, i tried but i seriously don't feel comfortable with it =( This is the only way i can get rid of the spec forever. *perhaps*

Thursday, June 01, 2006

端午节 is over lo!!

Happy belated 端午节 to everyone!!
This is the "nyonyak chang" linda gave me this early morning. *YUMMY le* taste a bit sweet sweet. I was about forgeting that yesterday was 端午节 until one of my colleague reminded me. Can't blame me of that coz no one give me "bak chang" this year until this morning. I miss my mom's "bak chang" and moon's mom's "sambah chang" so much.
Back to the secondary school time, we brought our family "chang" to school. Then we exchanged the "chang" among classmates and started to give comments. So funny hor?! But I enjoyed the moment much, nothing much to think of =)