Saturday, April 28, 2007

Now then I get to update my blog, don't know what's wrong with this blogger, always got minor error! *sien!*
yaya, I changed my blog banner, hm... think it's a bit too contrast and a bit too kiddy le, but lazy to edit the colors again coz I tried uploading quite a few times. Mayb after some times, i will change it to other banner. *as if i'm hardworking =P*

Actually my initial banner designs are more matured looking and more artistic lo, but i finished it half way, don't know how to continue to make it better *lazy excuses*. I didnt intend to post it up one, but since this funny Janet requested, i ma do her a flavour lo. *kekeke... hao lian!* see below neh... that's me n my phoenix!! what do u think? any comment?
Artwork 1

Artwork 2

Yeah... yeah... am balik kampung soon at 6.15p.m. Haiya... haven't withdrawn money, REMEMBER!! MUST REMEMBER!! am super blur, always forget this and that... as usual, i'm hungry now, waiting n waiting for my food...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

good luck!

Something happened to a friend, so worried about her! I can do nothing to help but to wait for her news. Now it's useless to say anything because she has to take the risk when she has already step in. Just hope everything isn't go too bad! wish you luck my friend!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

tao tia

I'm awake~~ good afternoon... But thing doesn't seem any better and I'm having headache since last night!! Thought after a long night sleep, the evil will stop attacking me!! I think too much, I just can't help it, DAMN!! Why a simple thing can easily affect me so badly!! *SUCKS le!!*
Enough for those rubbish, i'm hungry now, waiting for bb to come back and da bao me queensway porridge, just drank a cup of Nestum, am too lazy to step out of the house... =P His stupid company!! Saturday still hav to work!! Very sien lo!! =(

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

happily married!!

Went for 2 wedding dinner last week! *money gone =(*

Congrates to Christine & Alec , Yen & Jon... I feel touched in every wedding dinner, I wonder why they have such "bravery" to step into the new chapter! And when is my turn le?? *blushed... kekeke...*

Here are some photos in Christine's wedding dinner at Orchad Hotel, we didn't go up to the hotel room to shoot some photos with her =( *wasted!!* And guess wat?? SHE IS PREGNANT!!! wow... so happy for her n Alec, it's so magical!! a combination of sperm n ovum!! *hehehe... double happiness!!*
Free gift of the night! A pair of bear bear =)

My dress of the night from GG5, cost me SGD40++ I got it when it was on 70% discount! =D

elooon, *act wat??* =P

my ade baobao, pretty and sexy and cute!! I will go for her if i'm a guy lo...

Me, Ade n Linda... 3 ladies in ladies...
Yen's wedding dinner at Yishun Orchid Country Club, a simple n nice wedding.
elooon again!!

So lady like le? I can be very lady sometimes ok!... =P

Me n my baby ade...

hiao le le pose... kekeke...

Joanne, Ade, Linda n elooon... photographed by Kun...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nokia 6300 (yay!!)

ta la la... here my Nokia 6300!! nice ma?? hehe... so excited =D
Don't say I keep changing HP woo... I didn't change hp for ages lo... And my tiny orange hp sucks la, the signal is so damn weak!! So don't go for chap ba lang brand phone ever!! *hehe.. bodoh me!!* But I have learnt a lesson from that...

:: Sophisticated, modern design with stainless-steel covers
:: Large, easy-to-key buttons
:: 2 megapixel camera with 8x digital zoom
:: Integrated music player with FM stereo radio
:: Video player and recorder

Saturday, April 07, 2007

newest me!!

hehehe... this is the very recent photo i have taken yesterday... =)

This is the only way i know how to upload my picture to my profile.. post a new post with attached pic... then copy the address and paste it to the profile setting area in blogger.. hehe.... But i heard n read there are some other way to upload it...
The way i mentioned above failed!!! And I got another way to post my pic up!! hehe...

Friday, April 06, 2007

good friday??!!

Happy good friday all!! But today is not a good Friday for me lo.. =(
It's another day for me =p me n bb went to Takashimaya for Pepper Lunch. *yummy!!*
6++ p.m. we went to Queenstown Swimming Complex. *healthy huh?! =P* Funny thing happened!!! This blur bb brought the swimming trunk wrongly, he actually took my underwear!! *wah lau eh!!!* Then he went back home to collect his "underwear" Of coz, i jumped into the water 1st lo... then start to swim.
Swim swim happily, felt tired on the very 1st half lap, then i decided to take a break... who knowsssss!!! i couldn't touch the floor, i was so panic and start to struggle. There was some movie drowning scene appeared in my mind!!! Now then i know how do people feel when they are drowning and dying!! And I drank so much water!! Almost wanted to shout "HELP!!!" and by the time i gave up to struggle because i was too tired!!! Here the hero came, a lifeguard gave me a hand to save me... I was almost died!!!!!
WAH LAO, so damn paiseh!!! I think i blushed like hell at the moment!! Every single one in the pool was watching at the scene and think this gal is so "hao lian"!!! *haizzzz* i was so stupid, i didnt notice how deep it was in the middle of the pool!! (1.8meter!!!) Then the lifeguard suggested me to go to the other 1 meter pool... *paiseh-nya...*
Then I dare not to swim n just stood at a side of the pool waiting for my bb to come. I hardly face the people in the pool!!! I wonder why i'm so comical??!!! *stupid right??!!*
Then that's it!! I will try not to go back to the same swimming pool again, next time go redhill or Jurong one.. *kekeke....*

shopping shopping!!

I had spent a lot yesterday!!! a watch, a bag and a belt, i got it all from Esprit!! hehe... luckily got lubang, then i purchased them cheaper than the actual price... *winks* So excited!! I like the watch the most!! I longed for a watch quite some times, I finally got it!!! YEAH YEAH!!! And I don't think I will just stop buying watch, belt and bag after this shopping loo..... hehe.. i simply like them!! *excuses for gal hehe...*
Hm.... what's next??!! I want to buy is a handphone!! A new brand handphone!! This is not because I want to follow the trend or wat... but my lousy "creative technology" handphone which I bought from Hongkong. It is causing me a lot of problem... Now I'm aiming for NOKIA E65, or maybe Samsung, or maybe Sony Erisson 880i... now everything is still in my consideration... and I wish a phone will drop in front of me from the sky!! *dreaming*

Sunday, April 01, 2007

OMG!! what i'm doing recenly??!!! wasting time?? looking for trouble?? haizzzzz...
I know I should appreciate what I have now, and stop asking, seeking for those rubbish and illusion!!
I hate myself being so stupid!! The world is so realistic!! so u better STOP STOP STOP before it's too late!!...