Monday, May 28, 2007

hot hot hot

the weather is super duper hot recently, therefore my temper is HOT as well!


I have no way to throw my tantrums, I think i'm psycho, SIAO! *beware of me!!* hmmm... Must do something about it, sign up fitness first maybe, to use up my inner hot energy, so that my temper can be cooled down and also to keep myself FIT... =)

Ultimately, the key problem is my MIND... I keep reminding myself to "look open", do not expect too much, but... I failed to apply it on my daily routine!! what can I do about it le?? *sigh*

Sunday, May 27, 2007


yay!! I have edited my blog layout at last... kekeke... so happy to see the whole new look! Anyway, comments are welcome!
I spent whole Sunday to touch up here and there... thanks to my baby's patient guidance. Now my mind is full with those html. *dizzy* Eventually, I spent most time in the bloody banner...
Actually planned to go ViVo for GSS shopping, but ended up stay home for editing my little "space". *guai huh?*

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

happy bday to YOU!

Sent an invitation card via email this morning to my baby to date him tonight for secret activities. *kekeke...* So i left office on the dot, bought a slice of cake from Canele, our new found cake shop in Paragon, nice environment n also yummy cakes! And I hide the cake inside my new big bag.

Reached Harbour Front mrt station by 6:30++. Strange thing happened, my baby has arrived earlier than me!! Normally I'm the one waiting lo... He must be can't wait to know my SURPRISES I think!! *kekeke....* hold his hand and headed to Harbour Front tower 2, haiya, i actually didn't know where the hell is the cable car station le but I acted I knew la of course! Walked in n out in the Harbour Front Centre. duh... Finally I got it!! *pandai!!*
Bought a pair of tickets, cost me S$ 21.80 for return tickets. *yeah* Tang tang... it's time to show my 1st suprise, i took out the cake n light up the candle in the cable car... Sounds romantic huh?? Know what?? It was too windy, haizzzz... I couldn't light up the candle =( No choice!! *disappointed* I continued to sing the bday song n gave him a sweet kiss, and he acted to blow the candle and made a wish! Wondered what wish he has made...

Walked walked on the Mount Faber, and had dinner in The Jewel box... cost me around S$60!! once a year ma, and more over, I have forgotten his bday last year!! *sorry* kekeke.. have to do something special this year lo... but I still don quite find it romantic le... but most importantly is HE is satisfed for what I have done!! Happy birtyday Baby!! I lap u!! *muaksss*

here are some photos taken for the special night...

does it looks like SHIT?? kekeke... I bought it because of the shape! hm... taste not bad actually =P

A kiss in the lift to 15th floor (Harbour Front tower 2 cable car station)

We are in the cable car to Mount Faber!!

candle without light =(

taken from cable car... nice scene!! *romantic!*

Finally, the candle is lighted up on the Mount Faber... Kekeke...

hehe.. c my baby looks so cute... like little kid!

A romantic dinner at The Jewel Box... =D

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


My blog is under construction... I have changed my template and my edited layout all gone!!
I suppose to do new editing to make my blog looks more characteristic, but am too laaaaaaaazyyyyy! =(
Today went kara section with my colleagues, *again* not quite enjoy it, don't know why, quite moody, maybe because my menses is coming! *kekeke* Congrates me for not pregnant!!!
Think must get a time to really sit down and explore the HTML again, so much idea in mind, but nothing is done!!! damn damn damn!... Haizz.z... HELP NEEDED!!!

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

no title

am sleepy, really sleepy! But I'll not go bed so early or else i will wake up in the middle of night, I afraid of those feeling. it's like the harder i force my self to sleep, the harder i fall sleep. It's scary!!

Went kara with Ade, Linda, Siaw Wen n Li Qing yesterday. It was a real fun outing, this is 1st time i enjoy kara section so damn much! It was gal outing, I could really let myself go crazy as my mood wasn't that good. Ade and I danced and sang in the room, hahaha... of coz the room was filled with our laughter. I didn't even notice the song (ta bu ai wo) i sang was the very last song of the night untill the word "thank you" o something appeared on the screen! U can imagine how enjoyable we were... Too bad, didn't take any photo...

Now i'm awaiting for next outing, this coming saturday, CLUBBING night!!! Yeah YEAH!!! i didn't hang out on Saturday night for almost 2 months... really "itchy" leeee... ADE!! MUST GO THIS SAT!! else i will be stucked at home again... can't imagine man!! *dying*

and and and, i wanna clarify a thing here, when my mood is down, I don't like to face too many "not cooked" people lo... Am not trying to show "attitude" lo... sigh... Just that I don wanna show my black face to everyone around me, and I know who knows me will understand me so that's i can face them with my true color. *hehehe... sounds scary man!!*

Monday, May 07, 2007

weekend & today

Went to East Coast Park for cycling n pak tor, it was too windy, so I didnt sweat at all! So i think i might go for jogging next round, exercise is good, and most importantly, IT'S FREE!!! but i'm lazzzzzzzzzzzy.....
Yeah, i changed my hp number!! Don't ask me WHY, it's top secret!! keke... my last 4 numbers are 8179, 81 is my birth year, n 79 is his. *winks* should go buy 4D! damn sien one lo, never kena any prize before le! =(
My life isn't going smooth recently, things happened. a friend ever told me, when things come fast, it will be gone fast as well. How I wish this doesn't apply on me! But what to do? have to face it since I let all these happen to myself, I have to responsible also. And I think i still can handle it though it's not easy at all... BE BRAVE!! JUST DO IT!! TIME IS KILLER... *thank you for all the "golden" words...*