Friday, November 30, 2007

Romania trip summary

Been at Romania from 19 Nov to 28 Nov. It was a tiring trip. We traveled a lot from a town to another one. We spend about 25 hours for the 1st day to Piatra Neamt. Then about 11 hours to Timisoara, another 11 hours to the last city we visited, Bucharest. It's longest journey I had ever traveled. The best things was--- I have seen the snow for the very first time in my life! Snow is damn nice, it's tasteless, just like plain water =D I love snowy mountains so much. Will try to plan for a snow mountain trip next year. *crossing fingers*

In Timisoara, the sales staffs there are not really friendly lo. A bit stuck up, felt like slapping on their face so much!! hehehe... The happiest moment was to visit the Metropolitan Cathedral of Banat. It's a huge church, built between 1936 and 1946. It looks like a castle which appeared in my dreams. Amazing! =D

We stayed at Bucharest for 2 nights, not enough le! The city is beautiful with those European architecture. The women are pretty, sexy too ;) Too bad, my camera was out of service at the very last day of the trip =( else, there will be more n more pictures. So no choice, I used my handphone to shoot photos. The quality is not bad though, when the lighting is good.

Oh ya, I didn't sleep well for all the nights. Super tired! I afraid to sleep alone ma, so kept waking up at the middle of the nights. I missed my bed so damn much! One more thing I can't not tahan was, the franchisee lady didn't provide us lunch at the last day! grrrr.rr.... Hungry you know?!! I don't like to eat bread or biscuits for my lunch lo. So as always, my mood was down when I'm hungry :(

hehehe... The rest of the things were fine lo =)

Here are some random photos of the trip, for the whole set of photos, you may go to this LINK.

the guy wearing red n beige stripe top was our driver. He met his cousin on the the way. We stopped for a hot chocolate...
Btw, can u see I'm the shortest one?! *sigh*

Church in Piatra Neamt. I forgot what's the name. It built for more than 500 years! It's dark inside the church.

Looks like model?! kekeke... Patrick and me...
Only able to dress up like this in Winter time. Too bad, Singapore and Malaysia do not have 4 seasons...

Snowy mountains! My dream land... It's like the scene I had watched when I was young in Salem advertisement!

Able to shoot few pictures. Happy but not enough, i want more more more!!

The Metropolitan Cathedral of Banat. I only seen those building in fairy tales books and movie. Now I have seen it for real! *yippie*

Everyone wrapped themselves with thick clothes. So stylo! How nice if we have 4 seasons! *envy*

Amazing architectures can be found everywhere in the town.

Another church? I don't know le.... hehehe... can't remember! =P

Wonderful sunset. It's about 5 pm only. The day is much shorter than ours.

Black spaghetti, looks like cacing

Me outside the hotel. Cold cold weather!

surprise when i'm home! =D

I'm back from Romania in a piece!! Went home with bb. I found it strange when our room was locked. Normally we just let the door open. Hehe... Don't know what's wrong with bb. Then I opened the door and i saw the wall was pasted with a words!


Besides, there are a few emoticon too! I was surprised while bb holding a flower and a lips towards me. Hehehe... How sweet he is! I was so touched... not to forget to give him a hug, a kiss of course. *blushed*

I lap u, bb ^-^

i'm touched... thanks bb ^-^

muakzzzz... kissing big lips... hehehe...

cute monkey is waiting for his bb... hm...

my loving bb

me and lips and flower... *sweet*

p/s:: will upload my Romania pic soon... =D

Friday, November 23, 2007

3rd day in Romania

It's only 9.30 in Romania, but 3.30 in Malaysia and Singapore. Everyone is sleeping! No one is online to chat with me =(

Am having a hot chocolate now! Walked around in hotel area just now. Manage to shoot some photos! =) It was raining just now, but not snowing.... too bad. Anyway, we might get to see snow mountain tomorrow.

1st day in Romania, we took 25 hours for only travel to this city, Piatra Neamt. Was damn tired!! but didn't sleep well in the hotel. I on all the lights n also TV while I'm sleeping. ALONE ma... Like what Janet said, my bb is not with me. So a bit not get used to it. I miss my bed so much!

Have been working today, knew a Romanian lady, Helen, she is very nice! Treated me mineral water and chocolate. Said I'm pretty, hehehe... =P And when we are walking around, everybody is looking at us like an alien. We don't see any Asian in the city also. We are UNIQUE! At the same time, we are having some difficulty communicating with the people here. Most of them don't speak English. We tried using our body language to communicate with them. And of course not to forget the international language ------> SMILE :)

Will update the blog again with some pictures perhaps.

p/s:: Before leaving Singapore, there is a embarrassing incident happened on me! It created a big dirty spot in my life! I don't call it experience~ It's a shame!! I tried not to think or recall how it happened. I was treated like a criminal!!! DAMN!!!!!!!!!! Actually I don't mind disclose what was happening, but bb told me better not to tell anyone though i'm innocent... He has his point too. I will tell when the time is right. NOW, I only can PRAY hard for a better "result" Im SAD~~~

Monday, November 19, 2007

flying off tonight!

Wonder why recently like nothing to blog, no mood to blog as well.

Was "busy" packing my luggage for the Romania business trip. I still going for some last minutes shopping later. This is not the 1st time to travel oversea, but 1st time for me to sleep in the hotel ALONE!! And this time, I'm not going with Yen, I have to be very independent, I have to make sure I bring all the necessities with me, cause no one to share with me. All these are making me become a BIG gal. Luckily, there are some friends remind me what are the do and don't, what to bring. *Thanks guys!*

As usual, I'm a BIG head prawn, will forget this n that for sure! I did angry with myself for not bringing passport when travel back to Malaysia, then I have to come back and collect. But still, the incident happened for 2 times!! Not once... NO MORE THIRD TIME PLEASE!!

Another thing which is worried me is, I afraid I can't get use with the weather, it might drop to - degree! I can't imagine how cold it's. But then, I wish i get to see the SNOW for the 1st time in my life. *praying hard*

Ok la, am going out to run my errands. By the way, I still haven't decided to bring my laptop along. This is 1st time for it to be on plane. hehehe... hm.... To bring or not to bring?? Think again later bah!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Happy Deepavali!!

Monday, November 05, 2007