Tuesday, August 28, 2007

hui's convocation

Stay at home alone, took 2 days mc, keep coughing till my heart is pain now. *haiz...* Rained heavily just now, was frighten by those thunder! *coward*
I met teng teng and my sisters last Saturday, lucky my bro lend me the car. *cool* so I can travel here and there easily =D Went shopping at Mid Valley with them and eat eat eat. Wanted to visit ah moon one, but really no enough time. *sorry ya*
At nitgh, elun + bb, Joyce + Daniel, Bredley + Adrian, Regene + (?) forgot the name, went clubing at Poppy. hehe... enjoy enjoy! As usual, this Joyce is ganas, Bredly is "womanly", Regene is pretty, and i'm the shortest!! *sian*
Whenever I go back KL, this bb for sure will make me real ANGRY!! Usually, i will tell him when to call me and wait for me. Ended up, he will make me WAIT and give me tons of reasons... *haiz... SUPER pissed*
Sunday, Jie fu drove my family to KL to attend ehui's convocation. The weather was real HOT, wait for her at KLCC for hours. Almost fainted... kekeke...
Here are some photos to share...

Thoo and Zhi Jun were playing at KLCC near the fountain.

my lovely Jiejie and I, she is "xing fu" lo, having 3 kids and a caring husband. *envy*

hoon hoon, elun & jie jie

Bought flowers for ehui, before giving to her, we caught quite a lot of shot using the flowers. kekeke... make full use of the flowers ma...

wow... see zhi jun so concentrate playing games using bb's handphone.

there you go, finally ehui is out!! 4 flowers of the family...

love this picture! all looks nice =)

my lovely family, love you all!!

big group photo, taken by a gal =D

Friday, August 24, 2007

balik kampung

I'm going back KL soon!! kekeke.. can't wait to fly back!! ops... don't misunderstand, not by flight but by coach =P
I got to go now.. tataaaaaaaaa... =D

Saturday, August 18, 2007

sweet love <3

Yay yay!! my design was chosen and produced as fitted sheet and quilt cover for next season =D
I was inspired by my sis's daughter's dress. I like the dress color combination. So there i go!! =D
Support me wo friends!! Go get one in the store next season! kekeke... Don't ask me to buy for you wo... like that very "no face" one le =D

Friday, August 17, 2007

what's the point?

Visited a friend's blog yesterday which she published her blog add in friendster shoutout. Happened to click on it since I was damn bored. *kepo ma* Hm... all purple words with purple background. For me, purple is a myterious and dreamy color and I like purple but not her kind of purple. I find it not really comfortable for reading purposes. Anyway, it's just my personal thought, I'm not trying to offend anyone here =D

So... I read on... a blog post caught my attention, it's about friendship. She said her good friend betrayed her and snatched other's bf. The story was like few years back. No doubt, her way of writing is quite good but I think it's a bit too harsh for the particular girl. Think s lot of people knows who she is writing about lo. Ultimately, it's her freedom to write whatever she likes and she is now a "xing fu de nu ren". I see no point she is looking back and dig out the histories. Not letting go yet? Revenge? Or she was real hurt? hm... I don't know...

At times, looking at the positive side of heartbroken and betrayal, it made us grow stronger, also it added color in our life. Isn't it? We should thanks those who ever hurt us. THANK YOU!! Though, by the time we are in the downs, it's really hurtful and real hard for us to accept, get over it. But still, life goes on, we have to learn to LET GO... FORGIVE... I'm not good in it at all, I'm still learning. Who born to be an EQ expert, right? hehehe...

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

i need some excitements!!

I read this article from I weekly magazine, written by Joanne Pei. I found it is so true for our current situation. So i read the article to bb to hint hint him that i'm quite bored with our relationship. Hopefully he will bring me some new excitements. But but but... his reaction was disappointing!! He didn't take my word seriously le. Haiz... I'm very sian lo! Of course i got angry with his kiddy respond lo... I'm bored with everything now!! really...