Monday, January 22, 2007

what's next??

bday is over...

i'm flying to macau this coming wed!! *yay!!!*

what's next?? think many things is awaiting me...

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

26th birthday! pt.1

12:00am, got a cake, a "surprise" luggage, a bday song, a kiss n a hug from BB, hehe...
today, received 3 flowers from bb, and had dinner at Pasta Cafe!
BB, Thank you so much for what you have done for me!! I really appreciate it!! I lap you deep deep!!! =P
Long time no receive any flower from my bb!! so happy!! *muakss*
Like flower like elun... hehehe.. *blushed*
BB n me n flowers! *i like the flowers!! =D*

BB had baked salmon n egg Pizza... *disappointed, the taste is so so nia*

Tom yam spaghett!! *hm.. so so also... nothing specia lel! =(*

26th birthday! pt.2

bday celebration at Ah Mei =D
hehe.. had a little bday celebration in Ah Mei. Get a piece of cake, a GG5 bag, a hand-made card and a golden flower from them. And of coz thanks to their "precious" greetings! *thank you thank you!!*
Chris, Darren, Richard, Kun, Ping: Happy Birthday! *thanks!!*
Ade: Happy Birthday Bao Bei Muaks~ *muaks muaks, my secret baby*
Angeline, Eileen, Joanne: Stay young n pretty always! Happy b'day! *ya.. i wanna stay young n pretty FOREVER!!*
Jason: Happy Birthyday, "zhu ni kuai gao zhang da" (in the right area...) *none of your business la!! =P*
Da tou(Linda): "wo de ke ai nu ren" Happy Birthday! *hehe... I know i'm cute =D*
Ling: you gen wo tong sui le! zhu ni sheng ri kuai le , wang hou de ri zi geng kuai le!! *hopefully!*
Patrick: Happy Birthday, old liao, don be so fierce okie! haha... *am i so fierce?? no right??!! =P*
Elsie: yeah! we are January babies..... Happy birthday! *no wonder i'm as pretty as u!! hahahaha...*
"gift" from Janet =D
An e-card and a "letter" from Janet. So sweet n touched! *thanks gal!!*

Monday, January 15, 2007


almost an hour to go, I will be get one year older, 26!!! It's not good to be born in beggining to the year, getting older as compared to the same year baby. *haiz...*
This bb very the funny le, came home late tonight. Then locked himself in the room and did this to the cupboard. Tied the belt n left a paper written "do not curi curi open, or else u will get punished!" *hehe... c the attached pic* My curiousity is driving me crazy now, but he said it's not the time yet!! OKey... wait n see lo... =)
hm... I wish to have a smooth year and people around me stay happy n healthy forever for my birthday wish! =D *am i too greedy?*

Friday, January 12, 2007

Birthday celebration =D

WoWooooo... It's FRIDAY again, what a quick week! Time flies super duper fast recently, means wat?? aging faster as well... *don't want!! don't want!!*

Actually this new year wasn't a very good start for me le... Just let bygones be bygones... forget everything!!! Throw all the rubbish in mind... What I need now is PATIENT, just like what i have stated in my MSN nick... PATIENT PATIENT PATIENT... Hopefully my life will be followed by happiness and luckiness later on =D

TODAY, there is a birthday celebration for January babies in office, i'm one of them =D As always, HR will buy a cake for the monthly babies, and then there will be a photo section. *my favourite section!! hehe...* Neee... some photos are uploaded...

Longan cake for US, I like!!

Happy Birthday elooooooon!!! Happy birthday to you!!

Aussino January babies... 5 of us, Darren, BoonLeng, Elun, Eileen n Elsie... 3E!!!

Birthday song is presented by Aussino staffs.. hehe...

Me n Ah Peng...

Ade, me, Linda n Lin...

my friends...

office boys n me, don't have to know who is the guy also la.... =P

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Good night!!

I'm going to philippines tomorrow, have to sleep early tonight. I don't have any special feeling. But hor, blur me, didn't change a single cent of Philippine money!!! SUCH A BLUR GAL!!!
Hopefully everything is going smooth in Philippines! =)

Saturday, January 06, 2007

boring morning!

Woke up at 11a.m. *so early!!* Everyone left the house for work. What can i do le?? Clean house?? *oh no!!* hm... watch tv?? *boring show le...* online lo then, hm... 1st website i log in is FRIEDSTER as always. Try to 88 what's new in my friends' list, new bf perhaps. *hehe... really 38!!*
Then surf surf my friends' blog, how come there is no updated post eh?? k la, see what can i do to improve my blog, click click... copy copy... paste paste... add this n that!! you can see the changes right?? =)
Haizzz... what else can I do next?? Wait for bb to da bao me chicky rice n have lunch together at home!! don't wanna go out, reason is... don't wanna spend!!! have to save money for Hong Kong trip ma... but don't go out, what can I do at home??!!!!! AHRRGGGgggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, January 04, 2007

new year, perhaps new me =P

Balik kampung for family gathering.

I changed my hair style --> "corn" perm!!! So excited!!! but then my hair damaged!! hehe.. but it's ok for me, i love it actually coz hair will still grow ma..!! Mummy was a bit unhappy why her gal like to "torture" herself le... hehehe... :P *a change is needed ma from time to time ma...*

Hui hui's bday fall on last day of 2006, mummy cooked mee sua for all of us!!
Went to Zoo Negara on 1st 2007 as i promised to bring zi jun there long time ago! Here are some shots!

naughty gal and the fish!

2 little "bao" in my family!

haiyooo, why sick still can be naughty le..??

I like this shot, everyone looks so natural!! =D

big group pic without bb because he is the photographer ma...

Again, 2 little kids. They are 2 main character of the show ma!