Friday, April 28, 2006

happy sg trip!!

So excited!! Mama n ah ko, brought zhi jun came to Singapore. This is 1st time zhi jun travel over sea... So lucky hor, little boy alr get to come Singapore. Mama also happy, she came here last time when i was 7 months old. Now your big gal take you around to see see changes of Singapore la... Hope you guys can really enjoy lo.... :D
Now we started our Singapore trip with mama n zhijun, just do shooting around to let this little zhi jun knows that he ever come to Sg, take MRT, hehe.. he loves taking MRT le. See... he was so happy!!
Chinese Lake Garden, hot hot man!! But i kind of like the view le... It's clean...
Chinatown, wah lau... super hot day le...!! my mom was tiring walking liao, pity her... *no energy* hehe...
One fullerton, It was quite a cloudy day. Luckily!! If no, for sure i got darker!! (god, plsss don't let me get any darker le... =P) see the balloon is flying away. Thoo got it for zhijun one le.... (sayang-nya)
Singapore Underwater world, Zhi jun was having so much fun!! He loves those fishes... :)
Siloho beach in Sentosa... When shoot pix, it's nice. But the beach definately can not compare with Island in Malaysia hor.... :P
Here we are. Mucial fountain!! As usual, shot pix here n there.. hehe... saw the little "ang mo" he is only 20 months old le n yet my nephew is 3++ years old le. Compare their size?? Can c the different?? Haha...
And now the story is end liao. They were so tired. And took train back to malaysia. Back to their normal life n me also. When my mom was here, I was a bit rude to my mom which i felt guilty after it.. Sorry le mama...

Thursday, April 27, 2006

DO it myself!!

What the hell!! tot that he knows a bit.. then can just act pandai..!!! pleaseeee!!! i can sort it out myself. don have to depends on u!!!! damn u!!!!!... hope that i can do it sucessfully... AGAIN WISH ME LUCK!!!.. trying so hard to make this blog nicer n nicer.. hehe.. :D

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

WHY bother??!!

I think i'm SIAO liao!! How come i can let this small little issue bother me for months?
JUST ANOTHER FRIEND!!! It's not up to me to let someone trust u. Misunderstanding will go on if another party is not willing to discuss. Why should i bother how people think of me?? ELUN IS STILL ELUN!! as long as u don mean to harm somebody else. That's it!!!
Just don't think about it anymore. Friendship takes both party to compromise. Don't think about it anymore pleaseeeee.. u alr done wat u should. become a happy YOU!!
BE YOURSELF!!! LOOK AT THE SKY... STILL BLUE & BIG... TREE, IS STILL GREEN. your small matter is just another small matter. leave it behind... (sounds artistic not? hehe... =P)

Friday, April 21, 2006


Bredley, Melanie, Joyce, Julia n elun. They are all my ex-colleagues, i think can consider as my recent colleages as well coz i still working at Aussino ma. All of them are pretty, friendly...

Bredley is like small woman in the company, she can easily attract opposite sex.

Melanie is a very special gal in the company, she is really emotional, moody & real. She is unique i can say because she is a gal who full with characteristic. Sometimes, i don really tahan her so called "characteristic". Among all of them, she is the hardest for me to get close!!! I really wish that i could get close with her one day, but i think this day will never happen because she is really choosy in making close friend of her. I don't reach the requirement maybe. I used to have her blog url last year; I don't know why she closed down her blog and yet she never give me the new url. I think she don't trust me. so sad!! :( i wonder who is the one who betray her. Any clue?? Previously, i enjoyed reading her blog n love her photoes. Sometime i will still reading her cho-melle blog which contain only 1 page. Funny right??!! u think she still using the same url meh??!! stupid la u!! One more thing, she promised that she will teach me how to insert photo on the top of the blog, maybe she was busy o maybe she forgot all about it o mayb she don't even wanna teach me, who knows?? hm...... :( however i like her being real n natural.

Joyce is one of my good friend. She is emotional but caring. I still enjoy the moment that we went penang for travelling. Me, bcheng n joyce actually drove there!! we had very good time together. :)

Julia, she is friendly, talkative n helpful. in the office, u can hear her talking n complaining this n that but she is daring. hehe... she will voice out whatever things that uncomfort her. When she was in the office, we will never feel bored. :)

In my life, i have good friends at different stages. When i was at primary school, i had good fren like si kucing, si hui, jenny, ah yaw n so on. at secondary school, they are my good friends - polly, jenny, moon (my best friend till now), ah si n so on... when come to college, i have melissa n shovia... come to aussino mas, bcheng, joyce, yin teng n shiuleh... come to singapore - ling, sally, linda... For me, friend can not be "min kiong" one. some of them no matter how hard u try, the gap is still there. but some of them, It just happen to be good friend. We can share, cry, laugh, exchange secret, gossip, play... together. Friends mean a lot to me. I think i'm lucky to have all the good friends accompany me through the journey. :D I hope that our friendship will never end~

Thursday, April 20, 2006

my work place & new hair style

see seee... this is my work place la. saw all the small little toy n decoration on the top of the pc? It's all from my colleagues. butterfly from me; shoes n bicycle from pat; box from cindy, bear bear from kun; little flower from sara n so on... Thanks all!! They all treat me nice le. (don envy wo! coz wat? ... i'm cute ma :P) But when come to work. Reality is still reality lo. :(

And i wanna show one more thing. my hair!! NICE??!! hehe.. i think not bad lo, looks younger ma. this moon lo saying that my look younger than thoo. So when go cut hair the time, I purposely ask them cut shorter to make a different. Hehe... my colleague all say looks nice n cute wo (*-*) (pai sei pai sei) and keep asking whether i go perm my hair o wat. Hey guys!! I perm my hair ages ago le. This prove that i'm not that outstanding among our lunch kaki lo. Then this thoo hor. he whispered "your fringe looks ugly" aiyooo... I cut becoz of him but he end up say not nice. But u know wat ling said, don believe him, look at his hair style u know his taste.. hahaha!!! :D

I only able to shoot and touch up all pix when there is no body around me. More freedom i can say. :) Now go back to work la elun. :P

love, before it's too late

Tuesday 18-04-2006, get a bad news from receptionist. "Sally's mom passed away" as usual when i heard someone is pass away, my hand's hair for sure autimatically stand. I felt sad becoz i know she n her mom very close. Lossing someone she loves suddenly, I know she will sure feel so so bad. I can't help her anything. I wanted to send her sms this morning, end up i deleted whole message. I wanted to tell her not to be sad but i think it's useless. How could she don't feel sad and bad. I really donno how should i concern her, i mean in wat way. I just wanna tell her that "my fren, be strong, life still go on."

My feeling now is complicated too. When i quarrel with thoo, i will ask him go die. Why should i hurt my love one?? At the moment my anger comes, my mind is full of those bad and negative thingy!! I hate myself being so mooody and i regret things that i have done to him. I know i should appreciate everyone around me becoz u will never know what will happen next right??!! I'm learning real hard to control my temper, but i failed. I think the main reason is i'm having a bf who is being tolerant all time. YET, i will get angry with small little thing. ELUN!! WHAT YOU WANT LE!! I should really upgrade my EQ and also learn to love before it's too late

These few days me alone sitting in this corner, linda got her fair at woodland, kun went china, sally at her hometown. It's quite boring le.....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

i'm coming back!!!

Last night we fought for playing online game. thoo said 1 person play 1 time. But you know me la, of coz i want to play more :P we both played without notice that time is flying. It's almost 3am. "sleep lo sleep lo" Only I off my laptop.

WAH!! it's 8:30am. "fast fast fast" we were rushing for the train at 11:10am. Reached Kranji MRT alr 10am. Wah lau!! It's long long q le. I was panic liao. I afraid that i couldn't get the train. I don't c even one 170 bus in 20 minutes time. i didnt think we are able to get JB on time so we decided to take cab.

And you know wat!! again!!! jam!!!.. we told the taxi driver that we can walk to custom. We ran ran ran (like movie the hero running to airport to catch heroin), i don't run after secondary school. I was so tired and kan jiong. I started to cry and blamed thoo that didnt wake up when the alarm rang. A lot of lorry driver look at my crying face (*-* so pai sei le") but i kept running n thinking of i must go back no matter wat. It's alr 2 months i didnt get back hometown, I miss everything like hell le. Luckily we able to reach JB by 11:15 and the train arrived at 11:45 le.

I can start smiling now. :P thoo teased me becoz he said a lot of ppl watching me when i cried. hehe.. but nvm la. as long as i can go back!! :D

Mengkarak, I'm coming back lo!!..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

me me me

i'm having problem with uploading my pix to my profile. hopefully this will help. hehe.. wish me luck bah!!