Friday, September 28, 2007

a question

This afternoon during lunch, i asked my colleagues this funny question.

"Do all doctors in this world speak English?" their answers were like "hm... think so..." "should be" "maybe not, because Harry Potter also translated to many languages..." hehe... but what to do with Harry Potter le? *scratch head* What do you think le? YES? NO?

Because I think all the scientific and medical terms are in English. Isn't it? hehehe... maybe i'm too shallow =P

There is a reason behind the question. Back to the Bali trip, my bro's gf got allergic to Aspirin medicine. We were so worried and brought her to the nearby clinic. We told the doctor all the details and her reaction was like thinking carefully! Then we found that she actually didn't understand English. Her assistant was the one taking all the actions like providing her oxygen, giving her injection. OMG!! Who is the actual doctor man!? very funny right?? After all, the assistant wrote all the details, reports and let the doctor signed on it!! Of course, we had to pay the EXPENSIVE bill. *roll eyes*

So does all the doctors speak English? *wondering*

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

im back from Bali!

The Bali trip was fruitful, bali is really a very nice place to visit, i love it! First time oversea trip with family, and i'm the leader of coz. *winks* Hopefully next trip would have whole family involve! =P

We stayed at Inna Kuta beach resort. We went to Kintamani for Volcano scene, had romantic lunch there too; Ubud for some crafty stuff; Telaga River for rafting; Jimbaran for seafood dinner, Nusa Dua for parasailing, flyfish, banana boat and jetski, and bla bla bla... hardly recall all the places... *sotong* hehe... I had so many first time in Bali! Most importantly, I hope my bro n sis enjoyed the trip! =D Oh ya, we went for spa also, whole body is being 'touched' by the Balinese Aunty. *blushed*

Here are some random photos for the trip... wanna see more photos? u may go to this link some photos are with my bro.

2nd day in Bali, watching Balinese dance

Kintamani day tour, get to see volcano, it's still active! *scary*

My favorite shot, too bad, i wasn't inside =P

Telaga River white water rafting, we had so much fun!!

Tanah lot sunset view! the nicest sunset i had ever seen in my life!

Group photo in front of Tanah Lot temple! It also called sea temple as it surrounded by the sea.
After water sport!

My hair plaiting and manicure =D

5 of us at Kuta beach=)

Another group photo

before leaving the hotel... will be back one day =)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

bali, i'm coming!!

After researching n planning for months. the day has finally come!! YAY!! YAY!! one more day!! i will be flying to bali tomorrow. hehe... will start packing later. hm... I'm lazzzzy. And hor I will sure forget this or that when packing lo. SUPER BLUR!!

hehehe... i will be back with tons of photossss... stay tuned ya... =P

Wednesday, September 12, 2007


最近看见很多大腹便便的孕妇走在街上,公司里就有好几位新妈妈了,这个世界又多了很多猪宝宝 :)

曾经,我也有过生个金猪宝宝的冲动。嘻嘻。。。 只是想想而已,但如果真的那么不小心,我会考虑把他给生下来。接下来的日子我就得牺牲很多很多,来给他一个好的环境长大。 嘻嘻。。。 我又想太多了!谈何容易!可我真得很喜欢小孩子,看着姐姐的孩子们一天一天的长大,好羡慕!但我还没有当妈妈的条件,因为我还是一个长不大的孩子!*虽然年龄已不小了* =P

如果你现在问我想不想有个宝宝?我的答案是不!!虽然宝宝都很可爱,但我还有很多梦想还没完成呢!有时候也搞不清楚自己要的是什么,一时想要这样, 一时又想那样!在不同的阶段就有不同的想法,是我太善变了吗?还是人生本来就是这样的呢? 我也不知道!但是我已不小了,再这样下去我的人生岂不是就这样白白的过了吗?烦啊!

Friday, September 07, 2007

my S500i

hey hey hey, I have got myself a new handphone, S500i!! U might ask AGAIN?? ya!! again!! keke... I sold the Nokia 6300 to my sister at rugi price last month. I love the handphone actually but because of some personal issue then i get rid of it! =D

Hm... I don't know whether i really like it o not le. It costs me another SGD 400 + SGD 40 1G memory card. My heart is bleeding again =(

From now on, I must really do some saving!! Can't anyhow spend!! MUST think before spending. I wish I can really control myself!. SAVE IT FOR MY DREAM!! =D

Monday, September 03, 2007

elooon's eshop

Money money come!! I want more and more Money!! hehehe... Who doesn't like $$$$$$ right?! Have been thinking ways to get more money. Getting a part time job perhaps.

Today I have a sudden idea ----> sell things online!! So I dig out my "collection" kekeke... I heard bb said anything can sell online!! So why not give it a try? *winks*

Below are my selling stocks, a snake, watering pot from ikea, and a burning aroma therapy set.
Publish PostI have yet to decide how much should I sell le. Any ideas??

Saturday, September 01, 2007

SPENT again!!

Have been thinking of changing new brand of facial kit. As for previous, I used mixed brand (Neutrogena, Simple, Clinique, Avene) of products. I always dream for having bright skin as my skin is dull. I tried asking friends around me what products is good. And Janet told me Dermalogica is good and I ever used the products few years back. It was fine for my skin but I stopped using because it costs a bomb!!

hm.... after considering for few days, I went Centre Point for skin analysis. The result I got was, my skin is dull, uneven skin tone and DEHYDRATED. So she started recommending me those products which suits me and bla bla bla... Wah kaozzz... Almost 800++ SGD if i took all the recommended products. Then I was like very indecisive! It's very EXPENSIVE lo!! Ended up I got products as below, ultracalming cleanser, soothing protection spray, skin smoothing cream, daily micro-exfoliate, skin hydrating booster and hydrating masque. It cost me 555++ SGD!!! *fainted* The story isn't end that way, I went to JB for some facial. I have tried JeanYip, n another shop. Was ok. Then today I tried Lydia, they are using Dermalogica products. So I gave it a try!! After the facial, I'm satisfied with the result and the service. So I signed on a package, RM 1044 for 6 facial... What's making me heartache is the products in JB is cheaper than Singapore!!! *kill me please!!*

Haiz... I spend so much!! Hopefully it really works, so that I have brighter skin!! =D

a little gift

Yesterday morning when I stepped in my office. There was this small pack of Strepsils on my table. I know it's from Linda, she knows I have sore throat since last week. And I think she for sure knows that I wouldn't go get the Strepsils as she advised. Hehehe... So understand me =D She is so sweeeeett!! =D *touched le* Thank you my baobei!!