Thursday, January 24, 2008


Went for Yoga Therapy this evening. My body is aching now. *sigh*

Tomorrow would be another tiring day. Will have another gathering with colleagues again. Might go bowling. Not sure yet. You know la, girls gathering always more ma fan. Very indecisive yet this is us women! =D

Yesterday came home about 12a.m. Went East Coast for seafood and la teh after that. Linda, Patrick and Jimmy treated us the dinner. THANKS for inviting. And this Jimmy and the girlfriend were so nice, sent me home. But damn paiseh, direct them to the wrong way. I'm stupid, don't even the way home. =P

me and Linda, she just had her new hair cut. I want a new hair cut too!

"forced" to take picture with Patrick =P

Uncle Richard and me, we are friend friend. Just had some argument last few weeks. hehehe... btw, he is nice uncle, sayang me also. Just that too "small gas" at times =P

Group photo- Richard, Eric(ex-aussinian I guess), Kun, Yen, Patrick, Linda, Jimmy and his gf(Pearly)

Patrick, elun, linda and Jimmy...

Friday, January 18, 2008

many thanksss

I'm back from Bangkok yesterday. Many first time for this trip. First time for oil massage, cost me 500 bath(SGD20++). First time watching Tiger(Thai girl, now then I know why it's called TIGER, thanks Linda) show. It was gross, pity those girls. First time went for Xuan Lum night bazaar. Many stores there, but didn't able to walk to most of the stores. Was tired and had a glass of beer at beer garden. First time birthday celebration in Thailand.

It was really tiring trip for me. I couldn't sleep well for 3 nights! It was suffering. I kept waking up at nights. I really not used to stay alone in the hotel =(

Pa Phong... the place we watched Tiger show. Nothing really special... show girls more than customer in house. Pity them.

Pa Phong, Night life in Thailand, Tiger show, Sex show and etc...

Patrick n his friend was drinking in Beer Garden, Xuan Lum while waiting for me.

Xuan Lum Night Bazaar, many many shops, alot of sourvenir here...

BTS, train station...

Going back to Singapore lo...

Besides, I'm so blessed to have all the greetings from friends through MSN, SMS, blog and friendster. Received a belated card from Moon and some vouchers from Ping, Kelly and Elsie. Felt so paiseh. *blushed* I was surprised! You guys are so sweet, made my birthday different. Thanks all!

Hello Kitty Birthday card from Moon. *touched* Pic taken using my handphone. Low resolution... *paiseh*

Another surprise from Patrick in Thailand. I didn't expect he would buy me a piece of strawberry cheese cake with candle. He even sang me birthday song! hehehe... At least a simple birthday "celebration". I find him sweet. Ey ey, don't get the wrong picture hor.

My birthday and my Strawberry cheese cake... Happy birthday to elun! =D

p/s:: pictures to be uploaded soon.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

2nd present

When i woke up yesterday morning, I saw a message sticked on the mirror. My curiosity made me open the paper bag excitedly.

Small red box with a paper written "pls look at your neck"

hehehe... a necklace was on my neck!! It surprised me. Bb wore it on me when I was sleeping. He is so sweet!! :D Thanks baby! lap u... *muakz*

Friday, January 11, 2008

my present :)

hehehe... I'm turning 27 real soon!! :( I will be flying to Thailand next Monday, so will be "celebrating" my birthday in Bangkok...

My dearest colleagues are so sweet, hehehe... they gave me a surprise before my birthday! A card and a Swarovski necklet. I'm really happy and touched! Thanks all!

Thanks to my baobei, Linda & Adeline for the advance birthday dinner. THANK YOU!

How would my birthday like in Thailand? *wondering* Hopefully a fruitful one... kekeke...

contents of my birthday card:
Patrick: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I promise I will let you eat everyday when you are hungry in Thailand. I scared liao... hehe! *I need food whenever I'm hungry, else my mood will turn down... hehehe... he experienced it once*

Kun, Joanne, Jimmy & Sab: Happy Birthday *thanks*

Ade: Cute baobao, Happy Birthday! Enjoy it in Thai ya! wee-v-wee, stay cute & funky! Eat more also then we same weight! haha muacks! *I'm now 44 kg and she is 45! I don't wanna get fatter aanymore :P*

lo so的ling: 钰润,27岁了,要嫁人了,不要任性了,要懂事了,生日快乐,不要酒后乱性!*really super lo so lo, macam aunty =P*

Darren: Happy bday, mai min ou ou liao. *I admit i always black face to u la, I can't help it.*

Linda: baobei, Happy Birthday, stay cute always! *I want pretty, not cute*

Sara: Dearest elun, wishing you a wonderful birthday in Thailand ;) Sawadi Kup! *I wish too :)*

Jason: Patrick suppose to give this personally, but he fear for his safety... haha... *huh? no greet me pun, funny!*

Mike: Birthday is your big day but anything can do except... *haiyooo... why everyone so concern about me n Patrick! Don't worry la, nothing will happen lo*

me waiting for Ade n Linda at Sino London... *sian*

happy with the Swarovski necklet

ta-da... my
Swarovski necklet, i asked Linda to help change it to a simple one as what she has mentioned to me. This is nice! I love it, but I think it's a bit too girl and sweet for me. I think it suits Ade more! hm... Not to say I'm not sweet la... I'm ok?! =P

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

recent random pix

梓涵 6 months old, he knows how to hold his milk bottle! so pandai! :)

惠惠&梓涵, he is smiling! :D

elun & 梓涵, loves him *muaks*

brought 3 kids to fun fair, 梓竣,梓熏和钰景, each of them were only allowed to play 3 games :)

naughty gal...

she chose to play the game! Her legs were shaking up there. So amusing! Serve her right? Always being naughty. Think she wouldn't wanna play again. hehehe....

smiling 熏熏

2007 Christmas display at One Utama.

Nice display, i like!

walking back home... *wu liao*

drunken baby at day! couldn't drink much but still hao lian. he being scolded by me liao... :P

me n bb at Orchad before 2007 Christmas




Tuesday, January 08, 2008



想报读part time business course,但又怕考试,读书。我一向都很懒惰咯,也不知道自己可不可以应付得来,所以还在挣扎,而且学费也不便宜咯!真的得认真想想!

今天早上,接了一个让我安心的电话,“your case is closed, we are not charging you... blablabla...” 终于可以放下心中的石头,还担心会坐牢,有案底呢!虽然很多人勸我说没事的,但难免会放不下心。

其实事情是这样的。。。离开新加坡去Romania的那一天。临时抱佛脚的我到Centre Point买一些小的日常用品,买着买着,电话响了,就这样和朋友聊了起来。她说Watson有卖小瓶装的洗发露,于是我就从Cold Storage走了出去,手上还握着电话聊个不停。不久就有一个马来人问我拿了什么东西。我才发现原来我的Colgate还没付钱,我马上说“sorry,I forgot to pay, I will pay it now!”,他说“you don't have to explain to me,follow me to the office!”我很生气!但唯有跟着他,FUCK!!在那办公室里,很多人走进走出,把我当贼看,还有一个三八肥婆对我喊!我怎么向他们解释也没用,我说如果我要偷,我不可能拿着东西走出去。一位经理还说“no body will admit when they commit shoplifting! some people even push a troley out of the store, I can not trust you!”我的眼泪就这样流了下来,他们决定报警!他妈的!!!我在那里等了几个小时,就这样被“带”进警察局。我做梦也没想过我会被抓,还被扣上手铐!damn it!!!我还拍了一张照片,mms给bb,害他担心死了!在警局里待了蛮长的一段时间,像犯人一样的被审问。还有,扣留所里好冷,我当天还穿着短裤,真倒霉!最后就被bb给保释出来。我就一路哭到家,觉得好委屈,受尽侮辱!好恨那些人,也狠自己的糊涂!(我把事情的来龙去脉都简化了,要不然写道明天都写不完,因为华语字好难打!:P)在Romania的那一段时间还一直不断的想着事情的经过,这次真的被我的粗心大意害惨了!事情终于到了一个段落,yeah yeah yeah!


还有,下个星期就要到泰国公干了,很荒谬的事情发生了!原因只为了cut cost,我得和一位男生同房,虽然我可以选择不去。但恐怕以后就没有出国的机会了吧?sigh。。。

Thursday, January 03, 2008

2008 wish list

1. earn more $$$$$$$$$$$$$$

2. good health

3. travel to more countries

4. be happy, positive, friendly, patient

5. spend more time with family

6. love bb more? hehe... =P

7. stay young!

8. have more saving

9. love and be loved

10. hmmmmmm... what else? can't think of any right now... to be continued...

sick le

I'm having flu! =(

I'm still in holiday mood, no mood working. I thought when I'm back in town, at least some works are done, but as always... nothing has been done!!! Why should you wait for me every time??!!! I was damn pissed!!! What to do? just KEEP QUIET lo... arrrrrgggggggggghhhh

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

happy holidays!

2007 is over... Welcome 2008! :D

hm... went back to Malaysia last weekend. Was super duper tired! Anyway, Photos speak louder than words... let's skip all the words =P

Train was delayed. whole world was waiting for it! *sian* bb n I were playing handphone games while waiting.

super boring at the railway station!! Just snap some photos for fun...

Jiejie n babi at the Mengkarak shop. Think they are too happy to see me home... keke...

Kok ka n naughty xunxun

Countdown at The Curve. Met some friends n ex-colleagues there. Was a rushing trip!

bredley, elun + joyce. Ikea was behind us to prove that we actually had our countdown celebration at The Curve.

fireworks!! ping ping pang pang... not super nice but nice...

ah kok, sammy, jenny n me. The traffic was bad in the area! So we waited on the field about 2 hours +? wah seh!! so damn TIRED!!!

jenny, sammy + me