Sunday, July 29, 2007

chill out + lunch

Dinner at Coffer Club on Friday night (27-07-2007)
haiyooo... 2 pairs of sleepy eyes... this ling, like forced to take a pic with me... =P

hehehe... 2nd pic taken becoz the 1st pic with ling is below satisfactory... =D

Ade & linda, hehe.. both are acting cute... and they are cute actually... =D

hahaha... wah lao... kung fu??!!

ade, linda, ling and elun are posing!

Lunch at Dian Xiao Er at Vivo City
let's take a photo before going out... cheese... =)

elun + neighbour's flower... kakaka... funny le... what's the point? =P

bb at Dian Xiao Er...

bb & me are waiting for food... hungry-nya... =(

Wah... so much food on the table for us... It's actually set lunch for 2, think 3 people share is just nice... cost me SGD51... super full after the lunch!!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

wet dayzzz

I drew this simple illustration just now... Rain, rain, rain... these few days keep raining. The weather is cold, b it's good to sleep...
Think last month complaint it was too hot, now it's time for COLD... kekeke... i know i'm hard to please... =P
I don't know what to type facing the laptop... What's wrong with me? Moody again?? hm... Oh ya, today submitted some short courses information to my boss... If it's approved by management, then i will be attending the 3 months course. Think it's good for my self-improvement and can also kill my free time... YEAH!! =D

Sunday, July 22, 2007

snow jelly

it has been ages I don't cook... SUPER LAZY BUM!! =P
Last week, went to Westmall. There was this chinese medicine fair at the concourse area. Then I see this snow jelly, the promoter was very aggressive in promoting it, "it's easy to cook, it's good for skin and lung... bla... bla... bla..." hm... sounds a bit convincing, n the gal taught me how to cook.
Recipe as below:
Firstly, you have to soak the snow jelly overnight in fridge. Secondly, put all the ingredients (dried longan, "hong zao", "bing dang", snow jelly and water) in slow cooker. Let it cook for 1hr 30 mins to 2 hours. Now, it's time to eat! It's very easy right??
Now, I'm still waiting for the snowjelly to be cooked as I promised i wanna let this Ling and Ade to try my snowjelly. Actually, I just want to show them my "ability" in cooking. Kakakaka.... and to share with them also la... =D *hao lian*
You might ask, why I'm concerning about all this health thingy nowadays. You know what, after age of 25, the sign of aging is getting more and more obvious lo! And I'm 26 now!! I must do something about it also... Oh ya, I start jogging and swimming weekly now as my thigh is flabby lo =( But i don't know how long will it last as I'm always LAZZZZY and ever-changing... hehehe... =P

Friday, July 20, 2007

maturity test

I have received this link in an email from Joyce. The title is "Try It..! It's fun, Testing ur maturity" Sounds interesting huh?! So I just clicked on the link and gave it a try... you guys may give it a try if u do read chinese =)
this is the result I have from the test...
HUH??? I'm not happy with the result, means i'm childish lo! =( but the positive side is, i'm not OLD!! kakaka... =P

Friday, July 13, 2007

yao + yuki

Another Wedding!! friends around me are getting married one by one... Congrates to Yao & Yuki!!
Hehehe.. now then I uploaded this "old" photos, taken last weekend at Yao's wedding. Long long time never take pic with this group of "old" friends... keke... Oh yaya.. took some photos with some of them during CNY at Melacca.

There were a big gathering before Yao's wedding day. And I got DRUNK!! kekeke... Those guy like, ah yao, lim kim wee, mingo, he chia tao were to blame lo!! but actually i knew what they were talking and laughing la, Just that my head was spinning and keep laughing. *siao* It was a happening gathering lo, Mingo was drunk also i think, kekeke... When I got home, think bb was unhappy with my drunken look =( It only happen once a year ok, also i knew what was happening lo, I wouldn't allow myself to sleep on the street lo. =P The worst thing was, bb took a video of my drunken look! Piangzzzz... It was ugly lo!! Of course I had deleted the evidence lo. kekekeke... *smart me!*

It's show time... enjoy.....................................................

Funny lo!! They are married lo, why still so shy le? hahaha... anyway, it's SWEET also.
moon, elun, justin, polly n miss lim(ah sze)... kekeke...

me n justin, he looks older nowadays le... he is my neighbour for don't know how many years le =P

su chin, jenny, ah yee mommy, moon n ME!

me n 38 polly

Haiya, this pic looks really weird lo, wanted to crop mingo n the gf out, but... i didn't do that la, hehe... this keretapi's fault laaaa, asked him sit inside a bit so that I can walked in but he refused!! still as stubborn as school time lo! beh tahan lo!

miss lim & polly, they didn't know I was behind them when shooting pic lo, think this polly sure scold when see this pic. kekekeke...

miss lim, yee mommy, elun, polly, moon *ops, missed moon's name here! sorry ya!!* & jenny, she looks cute on the day =P

wah... so many mei nu-sssssss... kekeke...

I'm taller than her lo!! kekeke... happy-nya...

elun & yuki, congratessss...

us again!

big group photo, everyone is changing and having different life...

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

teng teng and stanley's big day!

wooohoooo... Teng teng is finally got married!!

kakaka... teng teng for sure will answer this, "what is FINALLY??" hehehe... just to disturb u lo, Lee yin teng... U were so happy and looks gorgeous at the night! Just like a star... I wish u all the BEST with Stanley lo...
We shoot a lot of pictures on the night, it's like a gathering for us, aussinians and ex-aussinians. All thanks to teng teng and Stanley. I enjoyed myself pretty much! We went to Poppy for second round!! too bad, joyce and daniel got to fly to Bangkok the next day, else can hang out real late lo! hehe.. they are now planning when's the next outing, coz we still have a bottle in Poppy! I will sure come back for it... =D
thoo, bcheng n teng teng are the only people saw her in this look lo! kekeke, we went to the bride's room to "visit" her, ended up kena halau by teng teng :P coz this teng teng super "gau xiu" (funny in cantonese)

elun, teng teng & bcheng

elun, bcheng and shiueh lih...

me & bcheng, c my eyes look bigger in this pic lo =P

elun & SL, long time no c her le, still as funny as before.

elun, mel, bredley, joyce, bcheng and SL

we used to enjoy our moments in aussino... miss those memories...

teng teng in baby blue night gown... where is the crown?? drop??

see see see, this gal didn't act gracefully on the night lo =P but this is real TENG TENG lo... kekeke... can u pls b more elegant on the actual day?? =P

See what is this Jon (mel's bf) doing? he is super tall lo, 194cm!!! think the tallest man i have ever met in my life so far.

hahaha.... do u see anything wrong with this pic?? the lady in pink gown should have stand in the middle lo... she is the STAR ma... kakakaka... wat's wrong with us woman? *funny*