Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Outing with OLD friends...

Chu 3 A Famosa trip photos. I had a very exciting day with all of them. (Kok, Mingo, Yao, AhSi, JC, Polly, Piow) Kena bullied by them at the Water World also... =P *so childish, childish, childish!!!*
Time flies, I knew this group of friends since i was at primary school!! And i'm 26 now!!!! haizzz... old liao... =(

Monday, February 26, 2007

~~~ It's Chinese New Year!! ~~~

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Just came back from hometown this morning (5a.m.++) So tired n sleepy!! Holiday mood still, don't feel like working at all!! Buuuutttttttttttttttt no choice!! =(

I have been staying at hometown for a week, had a very warm CNY, gathered with my friends, relatives and most importantly my family!! =)

Of course i did gain some AngPows... Too good to be single.. *hehe... rugi if got married!!!*

... I felt so heavy to leave my sweet family last night :~~( *sob sob*

My sweet family!! =D always warm to stay together with, glad to have such a big family!! Thanks to my parents!! *winks*

my papa n mama... lovely =)

3 flowers!! hehe.. where is the oldest flower??

little princess!! always cute when she is "guai"! When she is throwing tantrums, better leave her alone!! No one can stand her loud speaker!!

Kids gathering at "yao yao"

figthing again??!! *wat's new??*

my sis n her little happy family... There will be a new member joining them this coming July, everyone is awaiting. heee....

Oh ya... I went to A Famosa Water World with my friends on chu 3. Am waiting for my friends to send over the pic. will update soon... =P

Saturday, February 10, 2007

slap me please!!!! =D

WUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHa......... I can't stop laughing out of my heart!!!!
I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!!! *slap me please..! =P*
Stay in HYATT resort n fly there by Singapore Airlines!!!! (thanks to all the organiser!! =)
hm.... who should I go with?? OF COZ my LAP!!!! THOO NYIK LIONG loooo..... KEKEKEKEKEKEKE.....
Since young, I don't remember i get any prize from lucky draw le.... DONT EVEN A CONSOLATION prize!!!!! so can u imagine how excited i was??!!!!!! WUAKAKAKAKAKA.... I WILL REMEMBER THIS IN MY LIFE TIME!!!!!
hopefully, luckiness will follow me forever n ever!!! *greedy huh!!!* =P

Sunday, February 04, 2007

my new handphone =)

teng teng... I bought myself a new brand handphone!! Orange Technology!! I think it's a china brand or something. It's available in pink, *I don't think i suit the color =P* black, *I simply don't like black!*, I finally pick the ORANGE one. I kind of like Orange color all the while. And most importantly, the hp is so light n so small!! I got this phone when me n bb was about to leave HK. *it's fated belongs to me. hehe...*
Hopefully this phone can last at least half year. Then I think it worth the price of 800HKD, 160SGD. *right??* I'm still browsing through the phone because i still don't quite get used with it yet =)
Saw the piggy in my phone?? It's was present from my bb at Window of The World (ShenZhen), he won it from a game, (throwing the rubber ball into certain colored holes, then u will be rewarded!!) *hehe.. pandai bb!!*

Thursday, February 01, 2007

i miss hong kong =)

I'm back!! It's time to show photos!! click HERE!! ;)

Lazy to type much!... lazy lazy lazy....



Flew to Macau on 24th Feb with my BB, took ferry to Hong Kong.

Started our journey in HK after checking in the Dragon hostel. It was long journey!! Because we couldn't found the way to the hostel... *tired n freaking cold!* Keep asking the strangers around. *finally got it! YEAH!! =D*

I bought a pair of boot at ladies street. Just like it! Looks more winter fashion wat. *hehehe...* Cost only 20 SGD!! Cheap right??!!

Went to ShenZhen on the 2nd day, quite easy to get there, but have to do Visa, cost us 150RMB each. Then we headed to Window of The World. Nice place!! i love, got to see the all countries' attraction here! So excited!! Shot so so so many pic!! *hehehe...* Walked around at Dong Men also, some people are quite rude and also greedy. *sorry for saying that*

Went back to HongKong after the one day trip.

Stayed at HongKong for 5 nights, travelled to Tsim Sha Tzui for Symphony of lights, Disney land, Jumbo Floating Restaurant, The Peak, Ladies Market, Temple Street, Lantau Island for Ngong Ping 360, Lan Kwai Fong, Avenue of Star n some other places which I couldn't recall.

Actually I didnt quite get used with the weather, and the air is badly polluted!! i hate it!!! Making me sick all the way... Luckily, my bb was taking good care of me. *so gan dong!! lap lap u, kiss kiss*

The very last night, we took ferry back to Macau, stayed at Grandview Hotel. It's quite far away from the town! Next time better stay near town. Got to eat local famous "Chu pa bao" *it's selling super fast, make sure u get between 3 - 5p.m.* I like those building in Macau especially Babylon Casino, it's unique and so so so beautiful!!

During the trip, got to eat a lot of delicious local food! *yummy yummy!! =D*

Where is our next station?? or next next station?? Looking forward...