Thursday, December 28, 2006

xmas "celebration"

My bro, my sis n her bf came to Sg to celebrate Xmas at Singapore!! After my sis's visit, my best friend Joyce n her bf came pulak! *busy huh... =D* It's peak season of my personal hotel. *hehe.. should charge more!!*
What's new?? TAKE PICTURES LOOO.... =P pictures speak louder than words ma..
From my experience, blogger doesn't allow me to upload more than 9 pictures in a post. *WHY le??!!* Lazy to compile all the pictures le..

Went to Orchad on 23rd, so we could avoid those crowd!! Didn't wanna to experience it anymore... Once is more than enough for me. *scary u know?! =P*

To please my sis n bro, we went to VIVO!! The nicest xmas tree I have ever seen!! Super the beautihooo... Heard there would be a xmas celebration, mana tau!! NOTHING!!!... =(

Haiz.... forced to go Orchad!! *scary place!!* as always, crowded like hell!!! What to do??!! my sis n bro wouldn't let me go!!! Taking photo was my exciting moment!! An emberassement did happen!! Don't wanna think and mention about it!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2006


no mood to work in the morning
no mood to walk on the street
no mood to listen to non-sense
no mood to talk to fake ass
no mood to clean the house
no mood to touch up my pictures
no mood to think of anything...
no mood n no mood... *What's wrong??!!!*

Friday, December 22, 2006

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

i failed!! =(

I feel freaking sad, heart broken!! Why didnt you tell me earlier since you know the result earlier on??. It's so hurtful!!!
The scene of the day keep floating in my mind, I remember our conversation clearly!! I thought i have already well-prepared mentally, but when it comes, it does hurt me deeply still!!!
I don't wanna face all this!! I hate what I'm doing now!!! I choose to avoid!!! I'm such a coward!!! =(
New year is coming, will it be a good beginning for me? I seriously hope so!!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

another new week!!

These few days, keep looking for accomodation in Hong KOng... Hehe... going to HK n Macau next month 24th - 30th. So so so excited!!! can't wait to get there. Will take tons of pic... :D hehehehe....

There are arguements between me n bb during arrangement. I'm the one who compromised. *guai le...??!!* Hopefully everything goes smooth. Now is final decision on hostel, think bb will book it later.

Oh yaa... i'm deciding to change my hair style, mayb will go for "corn" perm when i get back to hometown. Get bored with this hair already... *so fast!!! :P* Have to SPEND again!!! SEI la!! spend so much this month!!! Will declare Bankrupt soon!!! :(
Any kind, sweet people willing to sponsor??!!! :D

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

10 dec @KL

2nd day in KL, stayed at bb's flat. Meet Shovia n Joyce at The Curve *again??!! hehe...*
Before meeting my bb, went to MV... here are some nice Xmas photo from Mid valley... What a tired trip!!!
Sweet Xmas display!!!!! I love it so so so much!!!!

Nice right??!! Nice right??!!

Of coz can not left out me inside the nice Xmas display!!

Tree with candy!! taste so sweet leee....

Bcheng n me of the day!!!

09 dec @KL

Now only i upload all these pictures. *not my fault!!* Actually wanted to upload on Monday, but then didn't know what's wrong with this blogger!! So spread it to 2 parts, is itbecause we can not upload more than 9 pictures in a post?? *hm....*

Reached KL around 8a.m. *so damn tired!!!* My bro came fetch us at KTM KL Central. My 1st destination was teng teng's house!!

After breakfast, I drove teng teng to The Curve, walked walked and had lunch at this Winter's Warmer!! *my favourite restaurant!!* Nice environment, nice food, old english style!! But bad luck this time because the Macaroni baked cheese which i ordered got funny taste!! *eeeeeeee... yuckkssss!!!* So disppointed!!

N hor, this friend of mine saying he could get staff purchase from Vincci, teng teng n I were so excited trying the shoes, i reserved 4 PAIRS!! But then, 2nd day i went back to him, he said can not get it on Sunday, will help me buy it some other days!!! *damn!!!! LIAR!!!* Don't promise me if u couldn't get it!!! *iiiiisssshhhhh :(*

Xmas is around the corner!! :D the restaurant is decorated with garlands n balls!!

Beautiful tableware is displayed on shelves.

Mixed fruits cocktails!! very the nice ooo...

me n teng teng sweet photo... she looks so young with this hair leee... but can not tell how old she is la... age is woman's secret! *hehehe...*


Around 5, arrived uncle Tommy's house. Had a very yummy zhu ka fan!! I'm loving it!!

teacher Tommy is teaching tea lesson. See my sis's n her bf so concerntrate in the class...

My uncle took out all his ka chang to let us taste his pu er... *sorry uncle, I don't really know how to appreciate your tea leeee...*

Me, kai jun, kai xuan (uncle's son n daughter)

me n teng teng at uncle's house...

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Damn u!!!!

Damn bloody idiot, sucker!!! u know what is happening since last week, but u chose to ignore it without telling me!!!

Now, u left all the shit behind n expect others to clear up!!! u always important yourself, only yourself!!!! U think who u r??!!! For me, u r just a bloody jerk!!!! Don't pretend how "high" u r!!!

I will never ever respect ppl like YOU!!!! FUCK YOU!!!! EAT SHIT LAAAAA!!!!! go away!! STOP making my life difficult!!!!

Sunday, December 03, 2006

ai xin breakfast!!

Woke up in the morning *1:10p.m. consider AFTERNOON lo* found that my bb wasn't beside me. How come he didn't wake me up le??!! Walked out from the door n my question was about out from my mouth. Saw bb was frying hotdog, the whole kitchen is covered by smoke. *prove that he is a beginner in cooking lo...* Though my breakfast turn out a bit too salty, but i still finished it happily!!
Thank you baby, u r so sweet... =D

Saturday, December 02, 2006

1 year + 1 month

Time fliessss, i have been staying in sg for more than a year!!! *can't believe it!!!* At first, came here for a better "future", but everything seems maintain on the same level. *i mean work!!* I have been going thru upss and downss here. *at least an experience right?!!* Knowing some good friends, gain a lot from them also. *thanks wo! you know who u r right??* Besides, evils do come around also, but i will not give a DAMN looo. *what for right??!! hehehe...*
What's hard for me is ---> balik kampung lo.. keep rushing!!! Too little time for my friends and family and relatives. Kena blamed by my uncle yesterday night!! *feel so bad =(* He said i always "last min" ffk. You think I want all these happen!!! Of course NOT!!! I planned my schedule, things turn out sucks!! what I can do is only say SORRY n SORRY.
Hopefully for this new year, everthing turns good!! *Strike TOTO maybe!! hehehehehehe.... hahahahaha... good luck!!* =D