Thursday, May 22, 2008

blur blur

I start calling agent for a room. Due to some issues, we have to move from the current place. I hate moving around!! I want a home, which I can really stay without moving here and there. Since my college life, I have been moving for more than 6 times. This is the N time. Super sian lo... I want to settle down, I don't want to move here and there!

This evening, went to see a unit at Holland Village. The aunty so not friendly lo, restrict people o only wash cloths once a week, can not cook la, this and that la. Besides, the house also not nice. So don't think i will want to stay in such house with such owner. So have to continue searching... and searching... arhhhgggg!! hate it... Have to start all over again. Anyone can help?

After the viewing, went to buy ah po chap fan. I ordered rice and soup. The time i wanted to pay, then I find that I do not have cash!!! wah lao eh... so paiseh lo... *blushed blushed* I told aunty, I'm staying next block, can I come collect the rice later because I forgot to bring money. SUPER BLUR le!!! This aunty is different lo, she said, you don't have to purposely return me the money, pay me next time when you come. Think she remember me! hehehe... 2 aunty with totally different character =D So must remember to return ah po the money hor!! REMEMBER REMEMBER REMEMBER!!!!! DON"T BE SO BLUR CAN??!!!!!