Saturday, October 27, 2007

a change

Last few years....


Can u see the difference? The 1st change has been made! I cut my hair SHORT!! 1st time in these 8 years or more than 8 years. My hair is getting shorter n shorter. Think I'm addicted to cutting n changing my hair style. Have been perming, coloring my hair again n again. Now It's mine original hair color! *proud*

Next time a boy hair cut? Hm... don't know le... but I don't really think this hair is nice on me! :( but at least a CHANGE...

Friday, October 26, 2007


I have submitted my artworks for the FW08 selection. All my works are not being selected. Though, it’s just a few artworks. But still?? It's my effort. Super disappointed lo :’(

Last few days, I have discussed some important issue with someone. She said she will check it out for me. The only thing I can do is PRAY HARDER! Hopefully it will not turn into another disappointment. Who knows?

LIFE SUCKS, at least for NOW. My mood is up n down, badly affected!

I need a way out of here. I need some changes perhaps.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

bb+elun vs monkeys

Bb reminded me of this picture we taken few years back. hehehe... same pose!

post it WAR

Yesterday, went clubbing with Ade and Linda. Hm... wasn't really enough for me! =( hehehe... but still alright! reached home about 3a.m. EARLY SUPER!! =P

BB told me that there are new Post it updated in living room and kitchen!! I was so damn pissed!!! This is 2nd time lo. The very 1st time, I tried to do some soul searching, and try to keep the house clean. As I see, I don't think BIG dirtiness we made lo!!!!! Just that she sweep n mop the floor every weekend. I admitted that she is good and guai lo. I was being a bit lazy *sorry* but I did clean the kitchen, toilet, and bb did spray the WD40 oil on the toilet doors' gap from time to time lo! We even bought new bottle of oil when it's finished! We didn't really calculate or put a post it to remind them what to do. I think staying together, shouldn't be too calculative. If you have any dissatisfactions about us, do confront us!!! I HATE people just stick some post it and telling me what to do sarcastically!!! It is so damn childish.

This time, I do reply the post it message POLITELY! Also, I asked the whoever to confront me directly next time. Those small little thing can be discussed, solved. Now it's like playing games psychologically. *speechless* At the same time it leave us a scar in our heart! =( I hate these feeling!!! Meanwhile, I'm facing some political issue in office. I don't want when I reach my sweet home, there is another women "war" going on.
Think only women create all these "war". SIGH~~~

The next morning, the post it are removed. *happy* I did remove mine also la. SEE!!! I don't wish all these to happen lo. This is not what I want also. What to do? Can someone teach me? No wonder people always say 相处易,相住难! I hope all the unhappiness will be ended after removing of all the post it. hehehe... Perhaps, I'm the only one pissed off, I'm SMALL GAS! =P Actually my case is not big deal right?? hehehe... I don't wanna put it in my heart. I try to sake it out of my mind!! FORGET IT FORGET IT!!! peaceeeeeeeeeeee... =D
P/S:: we are all ok staying together now, don't gossip behind wo. =P Everything will be ended after this post!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

3rd baby of our family!

Last Saturday, I went JB to meet my brother. I was craving for Sushi King and Secret Recipe. So I had it both while waiting for him. Hehehe... so damn yummy!! I was a glutton!! *winks*

When I met him, he said he was able to buy train ticket to go back hometown. I was tempted to go home too!! So there we go, and we forced to sit in the train canteen due to bb n I were not able to get the tickets, but I enjoyed the whole journey as I miss my sweet home sooooo much! And then we got to rush back to Singapore the Sunday night. too rush right?! At least I spent time with my lovely family. =D *love love*

Here it go -----> our third baby in the family, 梓涵 (3 months old). He is so cute and adorable!! Thanks to my big sister, she is only 28 years old, having simple life. She has a loving hubby, 2 sons n a notty daughter. Just now, msn-ed with Moon, she asked, your sister gave birth AGAIN?! YES!! AGAIN! hehehe... POWER right?! She is those typical family woman, take care of the family. In short, she is the best sister in the world!! love her so so much! Although we are sisters, we are having different characters. I bullied her quite a lot when i was young. =P *notty notty* Maybe this is because of she born in goat year and i born in monkey year. *superstitious*

FYI, the third baby was an accident!! OPSS!! So i still trust DOM DOM the most!! kekeke... but still we are blessed to welcome him to our family!

p/s: I didn't bring camera home, that's why only took few pictures using bb's K800, else will be more pictures hehe...

my sister and her youngest baby, 梓涵

cute little baby!*muackzzz*

baby and me <3

he is kissing me? He loves me!! I want a baby too, a real baby... =P

Friday, October 12, 2007

Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya to all!! too bad next Monday no public holiday for Singapore office =( Actually I can't feel much Raya mood in Singapore, so holiday or not is not real important. But it's better if there is a holiday la!! Can sleep and dream more ma...

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

loving monkeys

Cute monkeys are sitting on a banana!! We bought them from an crafty shop in Bali. When me n bb first saw this pair of monkeys, we decided to get them home!! hehehe...

As I was born in Monkey year in lunar calendar, my family members love to call me MONKEY. I get used to it already =D My bb even call me MONKEY LUN! How dare him??!! hehehe... Again, they are so damn CUTE right? =P