Thursday, November 30, 2006




但又有人说做人应该脚踏实地,什么知足常乐,也听过一句 “you will be happy when only you stop asking for more." ; "何必为了不可能的结果而执著" *那什么是可能,什么是不可能呢??* 该如何做还是得靠自己,量力而为,没人能帮你做决定,看你想要的是什么,人生目标又是什么?

我想要的东西太多了呀! *不切实际!slap slap!!*

睡觉吧!再写下去也没结论! who knows what will happen next right?? Good night my friendsssss...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006




Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Cutie Cutie double eyelid glu

Since young, I'm always wanting a double-lid eyes... My eyelid is thick n my eyes is small =( You might say, go for operation looo.. easy as that!! *scared ma* To play safe, i bought this Cutie cutie double eyelid glu from Sasa (recommended by Ade)
Cutie Cutie Double Eyelid (SGD 8.55)
~ Just apply and press lightly to create your own double eyelids.
~ A line can be drawn wherever you like, so you can create the look you desire.
~ Fast dryer and good adhesive power, water and perspiration resistant for a long lasting look.
~ Eye shadows and other eye make up can be applied above it.
1. Remove grease and dirt from eyelids with facial cotton wool.
2. Decide on area to create double eyelids and apply fluid onto half-closed eyes.
3. Wait for fluid to turn clear, and then use enclosed stick to press onto the center of where you wish to make the double eyelid. As you press to make the line, open your eyes.
4. Using stick, move along from inner corner to outer corner of eye to adjust the shape of the double eyelid.
5. To remove, place a wet cotton wool pad on the eyelid for a while before wiping off gently.
Ingredients: Natural gum latex. Pure water. Acrylic acid. Ammonia.
Note: Please do a patch test on inner wrist if using the first time.
Please remove before going to bed.

*** I don't quite satisfy with the result lee, mayb not quite used to it yet or i'm applying it wrongly??!! hmmm...Will apply it tomorrow before going to work. See if my colleagues see the different.. *kekeke...*

Monday, November 27, 2006

an occupied weekend...

Took urgent leave last Friday, kok ka last minute told me n you that he was having job at JB. A image flashed in my mind!! "follow him go back KL since he is here" Without thinking much, I get myself ready n travelled to JB accompanied by BB. *too bad, he is not following me go back!!! :(* Kok you was waiting me at JB. *lucky me* We decided to take cab to Skudai so that it's nearer to Senai. WAH LAO!!! he made us wait for 3 hours!!! I started to blame him!!! "why don't u stay overnight at JB?? It's already 2a.m.!!!"

6:05a.m. Reached my sis's house. Rushed to her room n slept. *so damn tired!!* This sis very the naughty, woke us up at 9++ *SIAO BETUL!!!* Then drove her to Uni n went to Sunway. *walk walk looo* When she sms us she had to go 1 hour earlier, Everything srewed up!!!! Couldn't able to meet up my uncle for lunch... n bla bla bla... After arguement, we finally decided to get back Pahang and able to meet up my lovely family!! *so excited!!! so so so miss them!!*

=( quite a lot of unhappy issue happened to my family!!! I dont wanna mention it again and I couldnt do much to help them!! I HATE those people who caused all these thing!!! *wish u really enjoy doing it to US!!!* UNHAPPINESS!! BAD THINGS!!! ALL GO AWAY FROM US PLEASE!!!!! GO FAR FAR AWAY!!! NEVER EVER COME BACK TO US!!!!!
Hereby, i took a beautiful flower picture in front of my house. my baba planted one, the color is so nice!! Hopefully our life will be beautiful as this purple flower.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Haw Par Villa - pt.2

Loving couple?? when only there is no arguement lo.. hehehe....
bb so manja... eeee....

Us at "fa guo san" (flower fruit moutain) *my grand grand grand father was born there :P*
Monkey bb... so cute!!!

yippie in the water!! only got one pic taken, coz the turtle all swam closer, they thought we brought them food... haiya... so the water become wavy... *sorry, no food for u le...*

guan shi yin pu sa & us...
Mermaid-ssss in fairy tales...

Going home soon!! byebye hu bao bie shu... *correct han yu ping yin??*

YES!!! Finally get all my pictures uploaded!!! =D

Haw Par Villa - pt.1

19-11-2006, Sunday
Went to How Par Villa with bb. Last minute decision since couldn't think of any other place which is cheap!! *$$$$$$* Never been there, mayb next time can bring mama they all come visit! =)

Here we are!! Let's go visit!!! follow me...

biebie n me!!

hehehe.. 3 fat fat... ;P

dinasour gal!! geeeeeee...

Babi n BiBi... cute right??

Mi le fo... :D keep smiling, wish that i can b as happy as him...

interesting plant!! the body looks like snake, isn't it??

A corner at How Par Villa... every art piece are so detailed.
I like this shot... seems that we are visiting china... keke... =P

Going in to the ten?? or eighteen?? level "hell" scary!!!

Haiyaaaa.. how come can not upload all my pic?? WHY WHY WHY?? wat's wrong with BLOGGER??? Hopefully can continue uploading the pic in the next post...

Saturday, November 18, 2006

wHat a small world

Yesterday night, i went Suntec for my mystery shopper thingy while waiting for my bb. *no fun* Finally, he appeared n suggested go makan. *yeah, i was super the hungry!!!* i wanted to eat something NICE!!! *but expensive! haizzz... :(* Ended up we went to foodcourt instead!! I chose a seat n thoo was ordering me Korean fish rice. The guy beside me was smiling and answered "no body seating" when i asked "is this seat taken?". bb wanted to sit at another table but i just didn't care. *hungry n tired ma!!*

Happy happy shared a fish with bb, the stanley called up, he was just having their exibition upstairs!! *wat a coincident* then he met us there n we chit chit chat chat. A guy turned up n asked us whether we saw the handphone. I remembered that thoo asked me the phone left by the guy but i said its not la, it was belongs to the Ban Min gal. Then we told him to ask the ban min store lo... i tot the gal will return the phone eh. who knows she answered NO!!!... The guy went to management to report lost, there were 2 guys followed him n wanted to check the gal's beg but she refused to let ppl check. Then they were pretty sure she was the one who took the N70 *bb can recognise the phone model somemore!! so pandai!! hehe...* The management ppl said they will check the cctv. *wah foodcourt got cctv somemore!!* We just sat there to be the witness but i'm afraid i might malign her. *so worried!!* The korean food boss was the guy's friend somemore!!! *haha.. funny le* The china gal said that she will return the phone n asked those management ppl to leave but they refused to leave!! *so straight!!* Afterall, they wanted to report police because they didnt have to right to check her beg also. Only at the moment, the gal returned the phone to the guy. *a very nice guy, keep smiling and remain calm all the time.. :)*

He thanks us gave us his namecard. *huh, citigroup director!! didnt look like it leee.. hehe...* he wanna treat us drink afterthat. Since stanley is here, why not? hehe... We met him at Bala Clava, he is from malaysia!! n the manager of the pub is from malaysia too... He knew quite a lot of friends there. We just have our drink n chatted chatted... WHAT A SMALL WORLD right??!! He said if we need help, he will try his best to help us!! *is that true?? hehe..* What happen was like a movie scene.

On the way back home, we felt sorry for the china gal also, she will receive a letter from the management side n her boss knew about the whole case too. Pity her also!! Hopefully everything is fine for her.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

ai yo ehhhh

Haiiizzzzz.. WHY is it raining when the time i get ready to walk out from house??!!! =( I don't wanna stay at home!!!! I don't wanna facing the bloody laptop!!!!
Recently don't feel like to blog, I myself don't know why is it so?? I just afraid to reveal too much!!! Decades ago, I did write tons of crabs here... but why not now??!!! Anything wrong?? Anyone can tell me why?? think i'ms tak betul liao, have to seek advise from doctor...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

a walk at pahlawan beach

yesterday woke up at almost 2p.m. *hehehe... nice sleep!!* bb called up n "dated" me to VIVO city!! ok... started to tidy up myself. Wah lao, so many ppl there, lazy to walk n squeeze with those shoppers and the place is quite confusing for me. *chao!!*

bb sugested to go sentosa beach!! *ok lo, gia lo* Stopped at Pahlawan beach, 1st time here, normally just dropped at the siloso beach. *hm... nothing much special lo.* But enjoyed taking photo here n there =P *wat's new??!!* When we walked onto the "hill", we found a couple "playing", the guy playing the gals nipple. *eeeeee....* should have taken a photo to show everyone. *hehehe... so wasted!!!* Nevermind, see my collage work 1st. Next time show u the WILD one. =P

Have my breakfast 1st, later continue buat kerja!! *damn!!!! kambateh!!!*