Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2008 company dinner

FYI, many leng luis in my company lo! =P I only upload pic which contents me! kekeke... *zi lian ma*

fun fun fun, lunch kaki they are!

Sab, Linda and elun... sticking together! =D

Pretty gals and 1 handsome boy

lunch kaki... Why is ling hiding behind?

red(Yen) in the dark!

my partner, kunny

design department, except Ling and Darren, nge nge wanna take with us... hehe...

uncle Richard and me

us again, keep taking pix!

Jason, Mike, Uncle Richard and me

my baobei, pretty & sexy right?! *muakzzz*

5 of us, newly group jie mei, the 38-est in the company i guess except me, kakaka...

yippieeee, but then... no lucky draw for this year, sian super!!!

again... US!!

big group photo, can spot me?

second round of the night...

We went Indo Chine for drinks, the night is still young ma

baobei n me =D

Sab, ling and me, we supposed to have ghost face!

sab, harry, ling, me, ade and linda

Vietnam trip

Hi friends, am back! hehehe... just lazy to blog. Many photos to be touched up.
Went to Vietnam for business trip with Patrick last month, 25th Jan (if not mistaken la) I almost forgot when I went. *blur me* too many events going on. 2 business trip last month, then company annual dinner, then Chinese New Year, then my cousin's wedding, then Valentines day. Also, busy shoping for myself and family.
By the way, Happy Chinese New year to all!! It's not too late right? =P
Photos for Vietnam trip...
Lake... I forgot the name. Hehehe... there is a temple in the middle of the lake. Heard from the locals, there are many lakes in Hanoi. This is only one of those.

me beside lake.

Mushroom steamboat. *yummy* See the Whisky on the table? They love drinking! Patrick got drunk everynight. Wonder why should he drank so much? According to him, "yin chou" wo... But still, drinking too much is bad for health lo.

the hotel (or motel) we stayed. Kaozzzzz.... Such a lousy place to stay. Know wat, budget all gone to night clubs and whisky lo... Pity me... I could only diam and stayed for 2 nights. I think Vietnam is really more suitable for guys.

Their main transportation in Hanoi. Power lo, the way they ride. Really scary!! Can go to this link, to see how's the traffic. No joke!

There is 4 seasons in Hanoi. The time we went was Winter, so it was quite cold, about 12 degree celcious. Luckily I was well prepared. =D

They sell things everywhere on the street!

We went back to the same lake! Nice scenery.

Hanoi City!

cold cold...

Dinner time... had their local beef noodles.

hm... we took a 2 hours tour with this bus. I felt sleep on the bus lo. Nothing special for the town also. Just because it's damn cheap, about 50 cent SGD for the tour, so we went for it.

a old tree besides the lake.

supper at a Restaurant. It's built for over 100 years! The interior and food are not changed for over 100 years too! It attracts many tourists, included angmohs.

This is what we had in the 100++ years old restaurant. Very special! And yummy too =)

Last day for the trip, took a photo with the staffs. They are friendly but we hardly communicate because we speak different language. Oh ya, I notice, most of the Vietnamese girls are pretty! =D