Tuesday, May 30, 2006

MEI's wedding@140502006

Finally, i get all the wedding pix uploaded. enjoy enjoy ya...
Next time, next time will upload my wedding photo here. hehehe.... *wish bah!! can right??!!* Hope that AH MEI will have a happier future =D she deserved it, because she is a helpful, kind-hearted, hao sun... gal. good luck to U!!!
ah MEI's wedding, she is pretty n young hor... *when is mine le??* photographed by THOO
sending ah Mei to her husband's house. *38 elun* photograhed by ELUN
us us us =) photographed by THOO??
uncle Tommy family, Mei's family & ji mui (sistersss) photographed by ELUN

little princess with mammy, little princess & little prince. photographed by ELUN

photo shooting with whole family before going to wedding "lunch" at Lee Seng, Triang. =D *sukaaaaaa sangat ambil gambar!!* photographed by THOO

before meal is served. *six of ussss* photographed by THOO

Taking nice photes with my cousin sis before leaving Lee Seng. photographed by THOO

after wedding lunch, balik rumah lo... enjoy so much with everyone!! photographed by THOO

Saturday, May 27, 2006

~ == { happy belated b'day } == ~

happy belated birthday to my baby :D *promise u i will never forget your birthday next time ya*
I wrapped myself up n tied a ribbon as a gift for my baby. *tipu de la!! yt's bad idea lo =P* hehe... i just bought a small piece of cake n a heart shape tart for him. N hor a box of "dai fu" (underwear lo) *blushed. hahaha...* N also drawn a card for him. *he likes it kua...*
Later i will treat him Ikea chicken wing *YUMMY YUMMY* (it is not selling in Malaysia ikea) this is our favourite!!! will also treat him meat ball la. He will sure like it cause he loves makan-ing so so much!!!
Nowadays, quite busy in the office. I hardly get a little time to finish up my Manila pix n also my cousin sis's wedding photoes. Haizzzz... wanna publish earlier on one. hopefully next week will be better lo. don't have to rush rush rush like that... i coundn't upload now because the photoes all in office le =( *faster get all things publish le... or else, it will be outdated soon lo.*

Thursday, May 25, 2006

how could u!!!!!!

ELUN!! How dare u forgot your baby's birthday le??!! HE must be very upset n disappointed!!! *I didn't mean to forget one, i was busy with my work this month le, planning schedule, go oversea, until now I haven't finished my display in Sigapore store u know. Yet my partner is on leave le. What is in my mind was, WORK WORK WORK!!!* EXCUSES!!! no matter how busy u are, you shouldn't forget!!! *sorry, baby sorryyyyyyyyy...*

Pity him, he went to office, all ppl was asking how did he celebrate her b'day with me!! He lied to them that i treat him dinner at ikea n gave him a t-shirt. *i will, i will do all this, so there is no more lie lo, :D n i sing u b'day song here ya...


I feel so guilty le!!, he didn't blame me for forgeting, he is super patient!! if this happen to me, i will sure MAD like hell man.... SUPER SORRY le baby.... sorry sorry sorry sorry...... i will sure give you surprise!! don worry bieeeee.... *

Monday, May 22, 2006

18,19,20,21,22 @philipine

18.05.2006 Thursday
07:15 woke up early moning! Brush teeth, sai bak bak (bath)...
08:30 reached Changi Airport, checked-in, boarding...
13:30 reached manila, wait for driver to pick us to hotel...
15:00 Check-in at Hotel Philipine Plaza... *not bad, not bad!!*
16:45 visit store at Mall of Asia (BIGGEST mall at Asia according to Charry)
WAH LAU!!! the bloody contrators not yet done the job, i couldn't do a single thing accept sitting and waiting, going to faint!!! now only i know the store is opening on Sunday. They think i'm superwoman meh, can do things that fast!!! wanna fuck them man!!!!
19:40 have "tai chan" with those bosses at a chinese restaurant. the food all are strong in taste, salty n sweet *beh tahan*
20:20 driver drive us back to hotel, resttttttttttttt.....

19.05.2006 Friday
07:50 wake up early morning, have very 1st breakfast at Philipine. *good taste & delicious food*
walk walk around. Nice seaside view! just like the resort we seen at Sabah. Have some shot of coz.
*usual lah*
Pick up by Charry *a pleasant lady* go to store.
Damn dusty man!!! Feel like coughing all the time *sick liao* again, the fixtures not yet done *damn!!* I have to help to fold towels, unpack stocks, guide the staff "to-do" thing. Sorry to say they are really slow, they only move when they are told to do so, no initiative at all!! but i was told by Yen this is they culture wo. *so called calture la* dilly dally, aiyooooooooo... the contrator also work the same way. *how le??!!!*
11:50 Keep asking Charry to bring me to get all the props. She takes us to Makati. * wat a big mall!!!* crowded man!! this time they should hove sitting inside the office wat. wat they are doing here le??
14:10 have lunch. *tired n hungry =(*
14:45 carry the props walking to another place for tall plant n big vase. *heavy man!!!, imagine my small body have to carry all those heavy props, kolian!!!*
16:30 finally get everything i need! :D
17:00 back to mall of asia again... *sien* unpack n decorate all the props, yet my things not yet fixed up.
*getting impatient*
ask the staff to start ironing or else i will die ugly!!!
19:00 have a very yacky dinner. *pui!!* just have a bite of the Jolibee burger (local fast food) n i throw away the rest. *bad huh??!!* i don wanna force myself to eat it!!!
19:30 start teaching the staff to do folding, pinning(??) n so on... some problem occurred. aiyooooooo got to wait again man!!!!!
21:30 the bed are in the mall lastly. start doing all my display thingy. (bedding, powertable, glass cubicle, n etc...)
22:00 WORK WORK WORK!!!! yet no one is gan jiong!! the store is opening tomorrow man!!!!
01:15a.m. pack, going back hotel lo.. =) who knows!!! car broke down, Len(store manager) send us back hotel by taxi.
02:00a.m. Thank god!!! finally get to rest. *wish me luck tomorrow bah!!*
~WAT A BLOODY DAY, this is the most baliah store that i ever set up!!!!~

20.05.2006 Saturday
07:50 wake up... ... ...
08:00 was told that we will only be picked up by 10:00 *aiya... should have sleep one more hour!!!*
10:00 go to the mall *again!!!*
10:15 *what the hell!!!* things not yet done!!! They take whole night, but then a simple work can not be finished!! *super duper irritating!!!*
11:00 Priese do the mall blessing. *interesting* when we went toilet, we are invited by a philipino boss to attend their blessing lunch, *lucky hor!?* (there are more than 90% of the philipino population are Christian)
11:15 sit, flash back n write down things happen this few days. *relax elun, relax...*
13:00 waiting for lunch *hopefully a good one!!* but have to wait after 14:00 for store opening.
14:05 have lunch at KITARO, the rice are sucks!!
15:05 me n yen start our VIP shopping. *VIP, hehe...* on those with invitation card are able to enter the mall one. the culture is really different from Malaysia n Singapore. WOW, the cloth here are quite cheap if compare with Singapore one. I bought a belt, 1 t-shirt, 1 blouse, 1 skirt n a neklet. It costs me SGD45. *Ok right??!!* will come to shop again tomorrow. :D *excited-nya!!*
19:40 have dinner at Pancake House. have a sandwich. *mistaken choice* the bosses joined us as well, discussing all the pricing n so on. My job is eat eat eat. *hehe....*
21:20 have a little chat with yen before sleep. *good night philipine!!*

21.05.2006 Sunday
09:00 wake up... ... ...
09:30 breakfast... ... ...
10:30 chat chat with Yen in hotel room (about family, love one, n of coz those little kids at home)
11:30 mall mall mall. Feel so tired. *period pain!*
13:00 WAH LAU!! super crowded. just like pasar malam eh. Every restaurants is full house. only those local food is available, but Yen doesn't wanna try. So walking here n there for food.
14:10 walk for an hour, finally get back to the Tempura, have to wait for 15 tables. *huh??!!!* we don't wanna walk again le. Just wait la. n i feel pain!! luckily the food is really nice. *i love it.!!*
15:00 wanna walk around, but too crowded, just stay in the store. Oh my god!! the pain is killing me!! *fuck!!* PAIN PAIN PAIN!! went to Watson to buy pain killer. A promoter said,"we don't have pill, but drugs!" *DRUG??!!!! HUH!!!* Penadol?? "NO!" I wonder if she understand what i want. Aiyooooo!!! really can't stand, hope that thoo is besides me, *miss him so much!!* :~( no where to rest n sit. *sob... sob...*
16:50 Charry is back, she gave me a magic pain killer, (any pain will be cure wo) Pain didn't reduce!! :(
16:55 Go through the display guideline with the staffs. At last, i have really done my part, the rest i just don care!!! n pain is reduced. Get a spare pill in case tonight the pain visit me.
17:30 waiting for bosess to drive us to other mall, do market survey wo. *funny!!* Do market research after the store open?? *calture again kua..*
18:20 walk walk at Shangri-la plaza if not mistaken. *forgot ma*
19:15 get to eat again.. hehe.. an Italian food. Nice food again!! :D
21:00 reach hotel, n pack coz tomorrow early morning have to wake up. *can got home lo... yeah yeah!!*

22.05.2006 Monday
05:00 wake up early early ma. coz wat. balik Singapore lo!! *yahoooooooo!!*
05:30 on the way to airport lo.
06:30 check-in, boarding... have a cup of milo.
11:45 Here I'm Singapore. 1st thing to do is to call my bb lo, n my family of coz le. *hehehe...*
12:15 *aiya* no key to enter the house. waiting for bb to send me the key from office. *blur blur elun!!*
12:50 bb is back. kiss kiss 1st *kakaka....*
13:50 stay at home n update my blog blog..
~photoes are coming up soon ya... stay tune yoooo...~ Don't be lazy elooonn... =P

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Our prince n princess

Prince(zhi jun) n princess(xunxun) of my family. (my sis's babies) Aren't they cute n adorable??!! *say yes... say yes...!!!*

we love this 2 baby so so so so much!!! *word can't decribe how much we love them* We are so pleased to have this 2 babies with us to make our life more excited. You know wat, they inspired me to have my own family n baby, but then my big BABY is not ready. *so sad!!, sob... sob...*

Actually i donno whether i'm really ready for it or it is just another sudden idea of mine. I'm not sure that i can really take care of them well and I know baby is somehow irritating when they are not comfortable. AM I READY?? *NO NO... inside of me says that I' NOT!!* What i know is that i just love baby because of them. That's it!!! *siao!!*

When i start telling my friend that i wish to get married soon n have my own baby. They will start laughing at me "you r not the ELUN we know, it's not like YOU...!!" how i suppose to be like??!! Am i really look that tough? Or I'm not womenly enough???!!! *maybe!!*

After working for years, *sounds old n "chan"* i wish that i can just be a "small woman" like my sis do. I can really feel that she is happy, "hang fok" n satisfied with all things that she is having although she is not a super woman, super rich... she is just a ordinary woman.

So... I wonder why Thing is simple, but we made it complicated??!! *this is so true, especially me!!*

Thursday, May 11, 2006

lazy afternoon

at this second, i should have had my 2nd round with the colleagues, but i just don't feel like going. Normally i'm the 1st one suggest n agree on 2nd round. but today, I didn't join, I need my own space. *a bit abnormal hor?* I don't think i can click with them talking "adult" thingy. For them, I'm just a little kid.

Now, I feel like putting down my mask, I don't want go sit there for smiling, nod head n laugh although facing ppl that i'm not close with. I'm sitting alone facing n creat my post with no body around. *talking to myself*

I know I should learn to accept the fact, reality. I think I'm a negative thinker. ppl can actually act nothing happen when they are hurted, betrayed or cheated. In their heart, they know who is the "TRUE" one. In fact, I can act, but i just don't feel like doing it!!! It's damn san fu!!! Once in a while, i will still act, wear different mask when seeing different ppl. I called it "survival skill". If i can "see open" things will be much much much more simple. *learning*
I think they will be back soon, it's time for me to apply "survival skill" :P hehehe.....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

a memorable jakarta trip

Jakarta, Indonesia... I'm coming lo...
on the plain, can't stop shooting. hehe...
HERE I'M!! JAKARTA... so excited!! it takes 1 n half hour to reach here, the it's one hour behind Malaysia n Singapore.

Margo City, the very 1st mall i step in. u can c the security is checking every car. and there are security in the mall entrance to check our bag. Think they afraid that we r terrorist. But things will be better to prevent before it's happen. At least they have done wat they can rather than doing nothing!! TERRORIST, PLEASE GO AWAY!!

A bit "zi lian" always self shooting. hehe.. can't help it. I just love it!! no one help me shoot, depends on myself then =D if shovia was there, i think she will love shooting as well, like wat we did in redang. *miss the moment le*

i love graffiti!! *nice hor??!!*

I feel that i'm so lucky that i born in my lovly country!! this is the very 1st time i feel so proud be a MALAYSIAN!! hehe... though it's not perfect but at least i live peacefully =) but ppl keep complaining still *this is human wat!! kaka...*
LOOK!! big boss BIG house! 1st time step in big house like this!! so excited!! wish that i could have such a big house one day!! *start day-dreaming liao*
Reached Jakarta airport so damn early, cause heard that today got DEMO again!!! *scary-nya* to avoid jam, we decided to go airport at 9am, in fact our ticket is 12pm. Bought a IDN megazine, sit in a cafe waiting for 12pm. a bit "hm sei tak" but i miss ppl in Singapore also. come back next time bah!!
-byebye jakarta-

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

going to indonesia

This early morning, thought that i dont have to go store, n this Mr. Lim coming back so jeans allowed wo. So i purposely wear skirt come work. (SGD10 nia. super cheap~ but i love the design lo.) WHO KNOWS!!!! Count count... It's time to change Paragon entrance bed!!!!!
SO!! Rushing for bedding display of Paragon store le. No choice... going to indonesia tomorrow ma. I afraid kena complain ma if drag for another one week... kolien le... :(
But... but... this is the very 1st time go oversea beside Singapore. Hehe.. so excited!!! Will try shooting as much as photo i can to be uploaded here. wait ya...

Monday, May 01, 2006

labour day weekend

Early early morning alr so crowded le. So many bus kilang. they all are waiting for their company bus. I woke up at 6 le. so sleeepy. Must sleep kau kau on the busss later. Dare not to sleep any longer this morning beucause i still remember the lesson last 2 weeks. hehe....

Shovia n me at The curve. She is pretty le. When i walk walk with her, sure there are so many eyes fall on her preetty face lo. I'm just like a "chou siau ya" (little ugly duckling) beside "tian er" (i don't know how to translate to english. =P) Actually i wanted to shoot all ppl which i met during the weekend, but i'm pai seh asking all ppl to shoot with me lo. Only this lucky gal got to shoot with me!! hehe... We chatted a lot at Secret recepi(my favourate restaurant) The food is YUMMY!!! I wish she can really enjoy what she has right now n Happy forever~ N me too me too. i wanna be HAPPY TOO!!!!!!!!!!! lalala... lalaaaa
Let me recall who i had met, Joyce n her boyfriend (leng cai le), Bcheng, Yintheng, Stanley, my tommy uncle's family, my 2 sweet sis. Time flies, i got to come back singapore this morning. Sobsob... so "hm se tak le" This JB kastam is really crowded le. Wah lau!! hardly breath le. Everyone miss their homeland ma... that's y go back at this long weekend. (still think that MALAYSIA IS THE BEST!!) kakaka...... Tomorrow i will sure no mood to work one. yerrrrrrrrr.... what to do le... u think u r princess meh??!! (i wish ma, can not meh :P)