Monday, September 25, 2006

who to be trusted??!!!

hm... I have been thinking of the same topic again n again. *siao!!* I really don't know wat's right n wat's wrong. I'm over soft-hearted, when ppl treat me a bit nicer, I tend to trust them n tell them my every single secret. *this weakness will kill me one day!!* I know that I'm wrong, not all ppl are sincere to u though u give them your heart. Ppl tend to take my trust for granted!! I know i'm damn stupid! I hate myself being so naive! I should have learnt the lesson! But why i'm still repeating the same mistake!??!!!! *stupid. stupid. stupid!!!!*
haizz... I only give my blog add to whom i trusted all the while. I hope u n u wouldn't be the one who betray me though i don't give a damn la!! *hehehe...* Because i was the one who choose to trust U. Sooooo.... I have to take the risk.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Sushi, I like!!

I woke up around 1pm today, too tired last night! Then Thoo called up to meet at Harbour Front shopping mall for SAKAE SUSHI. *yeah yeah!! :D* There is a 9 years anniversary promotion SGD9 for 9 coloured plate except the red coloured one. *worth it right??* We ordered at Terriyaki Chicken ramen n had 9 plates of sushi... It is just nice for both of us!! Tomorrow going JB to have my favorite Secret Recipe or maybe Kimgary if it's opened. *feel hungry while thinking of those yummy food :P*
Wanna go sleep before it's too hungry because i'm not able to sleep when i'm too hungry... Good night guys n gals... :)

a farewell night

a night out with my colleagues for Max farewell. *Goodbye Max, All the best!!!* Had drink at Ice Cold Beer, it just not enought. *Hehehe...* then we headed to MOMO. 1st time there, quite a nice place. Enjoyed so much with them!! I didnt go club for decades. Craved for it so so much!!! Finally i get released!!! Thanks guys, u made my night!!! :D

Thursday, September 21, 2006

thank you so much MS LEE :D

2 hours ago, i was still freaking sad because my wallet lost!!! hm... then went to the toilet at least 5 times n also customer service n my store. Still nothing found! Then i went to Polise Post to make report because all my important cards inside the wallet. haizzz.. i was so disappointed while cursing the one who took my wallet... *so sorry :(*

Just now my HR ping called up, saying someone found my wallet and gave me a number to call.

elun: hello... ms lee please..

ms lee: speaking

elun: i lost my wallet...

ms lee: yes yes i found it in the toilet, i was waiting outside the toilet around 15 minutes, no body came n look for wallet. i was thinking pass the wallet to the security or polise, but i afraid they might take your money coz u r not singaporean... so i keep the wallet n try to get u, i know u will so worried for sure... i will pass it to u at Paragon tmr, or u need it tonight?? *wah..!!! such a super NICE, HONEST person*

elun: it's ok, i will see u tmr, thank you ms lee, u r so nice, so nice, thank you very much, thank you...

Can you imagine how lucky i'm. I was so touched by this Singapore lady. I wanna say 100000000000000 thanks to you... MS LEE. i love U!!!! :D

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Monday, September 18, 2006

balik kampung 记。。。

elooon n bb's photo taken at woodland KTM checkpoint. balik kampung soon!! *excited!! Happy!! yahoooo* Normally when i get in train or bus, the 1st thing i will do is to get myself in a comfortable position to sleep. What I have been doing all the while is lay on his thigh or chest. *most comfortable pillow in the world for me!! :D* then sleep all the way home. :)
Was super duper busy at hometown. Mummy cooked me nice soup, my favorite kangkong n so on. *yummy yummy!!* then start helping my bro to do his assignments. haiyoooo... i wanna chit chit chat chat with all of my family members lee :(
Then after having dinner, have to start rushing the work, it's killing me man!!! facing the laptop whole night until the next morning 7am. because my bro leaving at 10am train. Haizzz... wat to do!!! 10am, awake by mommy to go mengkarak!! wah lao!! damn sleepy man!! have to wake up no matter what because too little time for my sis n parents on the saturday. Eat eat eat again! time flies, it's time to go back to sg, mummy n baba n my cutie nephew teman me to bus stop. *sob sob, don't feel like leaving :(*
When reached sg home, it's already 6am!! i got to work at the morning. Jump on my bed. *zzZZZZzzzzZZZ... with my baby* Dreaming of my hometown because i can live like a queen. hehe..... eat eat eat!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Happy birthday to da tou(linda)!!!

Today, my friend Linda turn 31 years old!! We bought her flowers and cake... n also busy taking photoes lo... *beh tahan*
Happy b'day Linda!! she doesn't look like her actual age right?? Almost like my age lee...

say CHESeeeeeee... :D

Me n ping ping...Remember this pose?? in the "jin san sun" korean series... but not as cute as er la. Just act nia loo... hehe...

Richard is killing me.. HELP!! HELP!!! Ling said i love to be tortured woooo... hahaha...

Cute little brother, Harry cai... he said we are so romantic wooo... :P

Too bad!! he is not straight!! or else he will marry me... :(

Harry, elun and birthday gal... my baby get jealous because i stay too close with harry wooo...

Eileen is sleeping eh...??!!!

Big group photo of usss... looks happy le...

Sunday, September 10, 2006

rebirth of my phoenix tattoo

Had my breakfast this morning. Felt excited because going to go my tattoo. Took a cab to Bukit Timah Shopping Centre for my tattoo. Actually i just wanna show my pictures. *ehehe... pictures speak louder than words maaa*

reached Sean's Tatz studio at 2:30, but he was late for an hour. I felt like giving up because I afraid he might cin cai do because there were 2 people were waiting for him also. He convinced me by saying "don't worry, I will slow do" OK.. sounds comfortable then...

My old tattoo, the colors is fading eh... n I find it quite boring. Must do something about it!!

So excited but my mood is swinging also... quite scare actually...

Ka chang used for my tattoo...

tattoo is starting lo... Chik chik chak chak... thoo was busy taking photoes of me...

tattoo in progess...

Yeah... almost done!! Pain Pain Pain!!! But still able to take it lo... faster faster...

Taa-Daaa... finally my phoenix is rebirht... happy-nya... quite different now leeee... it costs me another SGD 220

Hm... eyes done, hair done, tattoo done, teeth will be done in next week... what's next?? spend a lot in these few months... hm... is it good or bad come to Singapore?? *wondering*

Saturday, September 09, 2006

1st chicken soup of my life

ta-da... my chicken soup!! looks ugly le... How come doesn't look like what my mommy cooked?? *hmm...*. Just now when i 1st try my soup... eeeeee... taste plain plain de le. *sei la* me n thoo whispered in the kitchen. "how le? how to give Jc n her sis (my housemates) drink?? Thoo pointed at himself saying "never mind, i can finish all" *how touching!! hehe* But i was still thinking what's wrong with it?? I followed the recipe written on the packaging le. *haizzz... big head liao* Lastly, Thoo was the one who served them soup paiseh-ly.
Jc's sis: no taste le
elun: maybe too much water, next time i put less, should be ok. *blushed* (continue drinking my soup)
I think they finished the soup unwillingly*too bad* Next time, next time must cook a nicer soup, go back hometown learn from mommy 1st...

Friday, September 08, 2006

@ bugis junction

I sat in front of McD while waiting for Thoo. So boring, mood was still down :( I didn't join Linda they all go kara. Next time, next time i will for sure join. *though bad in singing* Finally this thoo reached, we went to a toy shop nearby burger king for a "gao lou da sa" (tall building), requested by my lovely nephew. Thoo n I sayang him so much, will try to fulfill whatever thing he asked. End up, bought a Block set for him, can build anything he wants :D
After a big fight yesterday, thoo promised to treat me Pastamania. Wow!! so many people, the food served pretty fast, but but but eeeeeeeeee.... the food not nice de le, plain plain. Wasted the money, but mood getting a bit better. *strange feeling* Full full now, taking bus home, who knows raining heavily!!! we do not have umbrella, so have to run in the rain! Such a long time didn't do this. So romantic hor, *blink blink* but thoo didn't hold my hand ehh??!! hmmmm.... must talk to him later after this "jin san sun" korean series, *Nice movie, very the funny, I like!!* so that next time will be real romantic. *hehehe....*

Monday, September 04, 2006

他生气了 :(


我每次都在挑战他的耐性 :( 常常听人说人的忍耐是有局限的,我也明白其道理,可是为什么我就不能好好的。也许是我的性格吧!非常的好强,就是不堪平静。要是有几天没什么事情发生,我就觉得很不对劲。

我也很不明白自己,自觉得他好可怜!还记得,我的旧男友说过,“这个世上除了我,是没有一个男人可以容忍你的脾气."*有这么糟吗??* :(