Saturday, October 28, 2006

so cruel yet so true...

Received an interesting article from a friend but i didn't forward it to my friends, you will know why after reading it. *hehehe... =P* It's not 100% true but 80++%.
It's kind of sad when a bf write such letter to a gf on the special day. He has forgotten all the happy moment they spent together * : ( sounds freaking bad!!!* hopefully my bb will only memorize those negative moments but my cuteness & sweetness. *blushed* =P

Friday, October 20, 2006

Happy Deepavali!!

Been long time didn't blog. Was busy doing the bloody portfolio, haiz.. killing me man!! *What to do??!! I can not give up!!!*

Today everyone was gathering at the office for Deepavali celebration! Potluck!! =D I made potato salad, luckily they like it!! Coz I placed my "heart" inside too... *hehehe... more potato salad coming!! =P*

Did henna tattoo for my colleagues and I enjoyed doing it coz they were happy with my "artwork" =) *pic attached... nice ma??!!* Whole working day is like a holiday for office gathering!! So excited!! *hopefully everyday is like today =D*

Lastly, Happy Deepavali n Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!!! =D

Friday, October 13, 2006

belated Mid-Autumn festival celebration!!

hehe... damn lazy nowadays, face the laptop everyday, but then... do nothing!!! Actually i have a lot of task need to be done... haizzz... :( ended up still use this useful slideshow to compile all my pic!! Very easy and fast!! *thanks ping! :)*
super happy in the hometown!! celebrated the mid-autumn festival with my lovely family in kapmpung. So many years didn't hang with them in this important day!! hehe.. next celebration would be Chinese new year. Can't wait can't wait!! =P

Monday, October 09, 2006


昨天, 妈妈叫爸爸买roti canai给我们做早餐, *真不孝!* 爸爸却说roti canai是最不好的食物,可我想吃呀!于是就叫杜去买了。

当杜买回来时,爸爸手上也拿了roti canai,面粉糕和亿面。 *哎呀!好感动!*这就是我爸爸,总是口硬心软,但是最疼的还是孩子。 *妈妈有时也会吃醋呢!*


Friday, October 06, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

snow in my mind

How does snow taste like? NICE??!! *hmmmm... ???*
After chatting with this Janet(a friend i knew from a course), her msn pic all with those winter clothing!!! I tempted with those cloths le. *i wanna go also one day!!* Since young, I always want to go snow mountain. It looks so cool n cold!!! *very yao ying! =P*
Last night, I told my thoo, "I have decided to go snow mountain! Any place can do!!" Then i started browse those travel packages, wow.. expensive leee.. must start saving!!! Before sleeping, we imagined we r on the snow mountain!!! ehhehehe.. then keep joking this n that.. hahaha.... funny leee

Sunday, October 01, 2006

busy weekend

Times flies, especially in weekend. *i want a long one!!* busy doing work which i promised to meet the deadline. SO!! Must finished up everything on time.
Moon moon stayed over night my house last night. Thoo forced to become chairman of the living room. *hehehe...* Had lunch with Moon n then came home to continue my sleep. *too tired!!*
Tomorrow is another working day!!! Happy??!!! I should!!!! I LOVE MY JOB!!! =P
*the post title "my bf" was my bf's post!! 38 him, kacau kacau nia!!*

my bf

my bf good good