Saturday, March 11, 2006

i miss my lovely family ^-^

my big family. i feel so glad to have a big family like this. Thanks to my parents lo (so hardworking! :D) i miss them so much le when i come here especially the little king. he is so so cute right? right?? it takes me like 6 hours to get home. n my leave is so little! i used up my very last leave this coming Monday. :( have to wait for public holiday when i want to get home next time. sad right!!!

n now my kiam siap sis seldom call me up coz she said phone bill expensive. haiz... she used to call me often when i was at kl. and i'm bad too i didnt even call back once since i'm here for almost 5 months. sorry ya. baba&mama. but i do miss u all always le and i even dream of how good if jb n kl switch location, then i can get back home often lo. haha.. (continue dreaming lo. :P)

i got a very selfish thinking now which i feel like going back kl n work since i hate my current job so much!! but then i can't be selfish again n again. thoo came all the way to work here n now i'm thinking of going back pulak!! (BAD!!) CAN NOT!! i must "yan, yan, yan"!! worse come to worst get another job lo. then i wonder why ppl can stay here so long and eagerly to become PR o singaporean. wat so good about it? can u tell me?? or maybe later i will like place like this kua. who knows...

tell u wat, i got tons of things to be published le. so kia su!! (singaporean style.. :P) 1st time ma, of coz excited and hardworking lo. hehe.. thinking will continue my hardwork next week. coz i'm going back to kl to meet my lovely family members and attend my bro's (the blue n merlone stripe guy lo) convo.


poor bear bear...

haiya.. forgot to include this important bear bear in "me n my room". it plays an important role in room eh. teman me whole night when i'm sleeping lo.

there is a story behind the necklets. I feel quite bad actually coz the necklet i never wear but then i seriously i don't like silver one le. and i don like to forcee myself to wear lo coz it will turn yellowish when i wear for few months. I think my bear bear will like it more. (sorry, my baby) i know u feel dissapointed when i said it's cheap! i'm so sorry and i know i hurted u. u should have knew that i got another white gold necklet given by u wo and i love it very much. we were quarrel over this issue few times. luckily i have u that always be my side no matter how bad i treat u. (sounds like i treat u real bad, hm... sometimes i treat him very good also le :D) sorry sorry baby, i know u will forgive me one lo n u know i love u....

me n my room :)

my small room in singapore. never imagine that a gal could have such a messy hor :P hehe... (blushed *-*) pai seH pai seh.. but i'm going to move out next month. quite em sek tak. coz this location real near mrt le n not so expensive (SGD210), hardly get a place wif cheap price like this le. though it's small. think next room will be better lo cause moving wif my baby (sounds like real baby..hehe...) but afraid will be more arguement and most of the time it's me that start all the arguement. ("elooon, u must learn how to control your temper le") actually i'm trying very hard! wish me luck bah!!

bad working day!!

i shot this pix at woodland mrt. u know wat?? I did a bad thing today. I cabut early when i was working. I just dont care. I hate this repearting job!! and yet the op ppl were ordered not to help me in work. What the hell. I wonder why the bloody head doing this to me. She said "they are not paid to change bed or any display!!" they are really over pampered. i have to force myself to smile at them when i ask them for help. So called HELP la. in malaysia, this is their job to help or do without me saying. even when they are super free, they can just standing aside watching me ironing, taking off all the bloody bed sheet, qc and pilllow cases. Why can't they just help!!! This is why i cabut early when i'm working. I don't even want to c any of their bloody face (actually causeway point ppl are quite good and helpful just sometimes they are listen to their boses)...
BEH TAHAN la!!! can c my beh tahan look from the pix right?? i know i should accept all this calture since i choose to come sg to work. again.. elooon. u got to accept it if you are going to stay in this company!!

:: first move ::

Finally... i get started to create my own blog. Thanks to both nie (ainie&melanie). "elooon, u can make it!!" :) i'm "3 mins heat" kind of gal. I wonder till the minute this blog close. Hopefully la.. hehe...